How can AI be implemented in the field of healthcare?


Managing Medical Records

AI in the form of robots collecting the data stores it and can reformat the same with better accuracy. It can keep the medical records, patients data and other information with option to retrieve the same as per the customize needs.

Doing Monotonous Jobs

Repetitive tasks in hospitals such as Analyzing tests, X-Rays, CT scans, data entry, and other routine works can be done with the help of robots with maximum accuracy. Cardiologists and radiologists don’t need to work except for critical cases to diagnosis and analyze the medical reports and other data used while providing the right medicines and care.

Medication Treatment Management

AI-enabled apps are used to monitor the use of medication by a patient. A smartphone’s webcam is partnered with AI to autonomously confirm that patients are taking their prescriptions and also helps them manage their condition. It also helps to keep monitoring the body’s health conditions and generate alerts if anything is noticed during the treatment process. It is also designing the management of overall treatment of the process of a patient along with dieting charts and timing of medicine taking and other schedules.

For the general population: AI is already helping people in taking care of their own health by maintaining a healthier lifestyle. An increasingly large number of people are choosing to adopt fitness and other health wearables to track their health statistics on a daily basis.

Collection and analysis of this data and its supplementation with health information provided by the patient through health apps has the potential to offer a unique perspective into the individual and population health.

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