AlgoAnalytics introduces TextSenseTM as a cutting edge technology across Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and other domains.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as a game changer for a host of applications across various domains. AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the buzz words doing the round in the Information Technology world. AlgoAnalytics has the ubiquitous distinction of being at the cutting edge of this technology since its inception. At AlgoAnalytics, a team of data scientists have been building and augmenting the TextSenseTM platform that analyzes text data in its digital form. With the state of art machine learning models running in the background, this novel platform, TextSenseTM offers an exhaustive list of features to users across multiple domains. TextSenseTM is powered by Deep Learning techniques.

TextSenseTM differentiates itself from the other products in the market by the amount of flexibility in customization and continuous support it offers. This platform has been designed and developed as a key to provide easy customization for every domain. The only requirement for TextSenseTM is the digitization of documents. The inbuilt functionalities can be deployed to derive meaningful information in quick time. This saves the user Time and Energy, which can be better employed in core functions. It covers topic modelling, sentiment analysis, document clustering, keyword extraction, text summarization and much more. The software can be hosted on premise or on cloud depending on the business need, and can be accessed in an easy to use REST API format. Since most of the generic softwares are not trained to infer the meaning of domain specific text, the accuracy and the performance are impacted. Additionally, organizations can also leverage the 3-axis customization option – customize for the domain by building models trained on specific domain text corpus; tweak the Techniques running at the back – for example using NER Sentiment techniques which can be leveraged differently for a restaurant review or Business analytics news review; and third it can integrate the tools depending on the business need- as an email plugin, REST API or webapps, as per the business need.

AlgoAnalytics AI platform, TextSenseTM, can be leveraged for Law firms, Pharmaceutical organizations, Retail, Healthcare and the BFSI domain. Its Feedback driven Semantic Search and Automatic Question Answering mechanism can retrieve data in quick time. Lawyers can save manual search time for patent information and similar court cases thus lining up more cases and completing them in record time. Pharmaceutical companies can deploy TextSenseTM to search for related patents, and also summarizations of case studies for certain clinical tests conducted. For the Healthcare domain, besides the Semantic Search, the TextSenseTM platform can deliver Automatic Discharge Summary Generation and Clinical note comprehension, which helps reduce burnout time for physicians involved in such administrative tasks. In the Retail domain, Feedback driven Semantic Search and Customer Sentiment Analysis are crucial for customer retention.

The TextSenseTM platform is accompanied with training support where customers are trained on the software to utilize it in the best possible manner. The team also provides integration and upgradation support to help customers use it with any platform or tool already in use. In case required, the team also provides onsite data scientist support to help the customers quickly ramp up and unpack the value that TextSenseTM brings to their work.

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