How yoga works for weight loss?


Yoga has been one of the most ancient arts in the nation. In the day of today, it has become a lifestyle activity for all of us. It is one of the best ways to work out for your body and enhance your physical activity. Yoga is known to aid in weight loss. But do we know how it does so? Read on to find out!

  1. It enhances muscle strength

The various yoga poses are comprised of stretching your body to the maximum possible extent. When you stretch your body to certain limit, your muscles also stretch which make your body burn the excess body mass which gets accumulated. Thus, it is one of the ways in which yoga aids you in weight loss and reduces the body mass and excess fat.

  1. It improves the metabolism of the body

Yoga helps in warming the body and is one of the best ways to work out by concentrating on your breath and stretching your body. It helps in breaking down of the fat molecules in the body and also stimulates the heart rate. This enhances the activity of your metabolism structure of the body which simultaneously heats up the body to help in enhancing your digestion. This is why your metabolic activity improves which is a great aid for weight loss.

  1. It is good for toning of muscles

When you stretch your body in various yoga poses, you tend to work on your body to help it get toned. The flabby arms, the excess fat stored around your pelvic region, and your love handles, all tend to warm down and lose the excess of fat molecules which accumulate on the body. Your body gets fit and also in shape.

  1. It improves the blood flow in your body

Performing the various yoga poses helps in increasing of the internal temperature of the body which stimulates the blood flow. This helps in the direct dissolving of fat cells in the body which usually get built up. the increased flow of blood helps in the carrying of more oxygen in areas which need more dissolution of fat cells and thus, body mass is reduced.

  1. Yoga helps in combating sleep irregularity

Sleeping less, or sleeping more than what is required is one of the main causes of build up fat in the body. When you do not take proper rest for proper intervals, then your body always feels tired and starts to act all lazy. You are not able to sleep at the right time in the right amount and this is what causes wrong metabolism activity in your body and your eating pattern also gets disturbed. When your body does not get the rest it needs, it starts acting up, and then you start to put on weight.

Practicing Yoga helps in focusing on yourself. It is a way of working out which makes your body feel tired. This inculcates healthy sleeping and you are able to wake up fresh every morning.

What yoga poses aid in weight loss?

There are a lot of yoga poses which can be performed for regular practice. However, below listed 10 yoga poses are best for wright loss!

  1. Power yoga

  2. Vinyasa

  3. Chaturanga

  4. Upward facing dog

  5. Downward facing dog

  6. Ashtana yoga

  7. Setu bandh

  8. Naukasana

  9. Dhanurasana

  10. Nauka challan

Bring these yoga poses in practices and find results for weight loss which will aid you all through and enhance your physical and metal activity for you to become better and improved.


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