Top 5 yoga asanas to perform while in deep stress


It is not unknown that Yoga is a disciplined act of working on your body to taking it in a better direction and being fit. It is compiled of a lot of yoga asanas and poses which make you fit and also help you enhance your physical capabilities and structure. Well, not only this, Yoga has its application in reliving stress as well. If you are looking for yoga asanas which will help you to relive deep stress, continue reading to find out more!

Top 5 stress reliving yoga asanas

  1. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar is one of the best renowned yoga asanas. It is feasible for people of all ages. This pose in yoga is compiled of 12 poses in all. It is a cycle of these 12 poses that when you complete comes to become a single stretch. If you are a beginner, you can start by doing 6 cycles each day, which you can gradually increase to 12 to 15 cycles each day. The maximum you can go is up to 27, and more.

  1. Anjali Mudra or the Salutation Seal

In Anjali Mudra, you got to bring your hands joined together, like enclosed palms. It is a way in which Indians make salutation to one another, and call it as “namaste’’. Next, you have to bring your hands closer to your chest while they are still enclosed. When a person performs this yoga asana, there pressure points in the eyes, mind, and ears which are present at the tips of your fingers, get activated. This is one of the best yoga asanas to relive deep stress.

The pressure points help in activating your pressure points and also aid in controlling your thoughts and emotions. This is an excellent way to meditate as well.

  1. Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is a well-known yoga pose for regulating the flow of blood in your body. this yoga of pranayama makes you feel as if your blood is flowing right through your face. It energises your body and makes your feel relaxed. This yoga is excellent for providing stress relief by captivating your mind. It is a multi-beneficial pose.

  1. Bhujanagasana or Cobra Pose

If you have a sitting job, then practicing this yoga will surely enhance your physical fitness and reduce the stress caught up in your body. Your body might become rigid and stiff due to regular sitting job. It may harm your muscles and ligaments a lot. The Cobra Pose helps in reliving the stress which is caught in your muscles and elevates your rigid body.

  1. Shavasana or The Corpse Pose

There is nothing more relaxing than this yoga asana. It is relaxing and also helps in slowing down your blood pressure and heart rate. Also, it is an easy yoga to perform. All you have to do is lay down, with your muscles relaxed and hands open on the front.

With that said, try all these yoga poses and bid goodbye to the daily stress!


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