17 reasons why you should start eating lemons daily NOW!


It is amazing how much this little yellow our fruit can do for you and your health. Lemon is a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C and is known to help in a lot of health issues and also known to enhance your skin health. Well, as much as we love to have lime water, and lime juice on our salads, you will be surprised to know how much of a beneficial regime it is to eat and consume lemons every day.

Here are 17 amazing things that will happen to your body if you eat lemons every day!

1. Lemon is an excellent detoxifying agent

Consuming one glass of fresh lemon juice water is an excellent source of detoxifying your liver. It cleanses your kidneys and enhances your digestion system. It helps your body in getting rid of all the toxins it has and gives you an overall detox body.

2. Lemons aid in weight loss

Consuming lemon water each day helps in getting rid of the extra flab your body holds. It kills off the fat cells and reduces your appetite by making you feel fuller. It also helps in the reduction of the development of Diabetes Type 2. Lemons also help in reducing the consumption of sugar into your body. They have fiber extracts which help in enhancing the metabolism which itself helps in weight loss.

3. Lemons help in getting rid of parasites

Lemon juice creates an alkaline environment in your digestive system. This helps in getting rid of the parasites in the body which survive and breed in the acidic digestive system.

4. Lemons help in reducing the feeling of anxiety

Numerous studies have been conducted to show the effects of lemon the body of a person who is suffering from anxiety. A lemon balm or a lemon essential oil helps in the curing of exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, feeling of nausea, depression, nervousness, and tension. Lemon essential oil also helps in enhancing your concertation and makes you alert. It is thus, advisable to use lemon fresheners at homes and offices.

5. Lemons help in curing fever

Lemons have antiviral and antibacterial properties. They help in treating a person who has flu and cold or fever. It works on increasing the perspiration of a person and breaks the fever. You can consume lemon each day along with honey, and warm water to cure your fever. It can be consumed more than once also each day.

6. Lemons are an excellent remedy for corns and calluses

Corns and calluses can be difficult to handle and also painful at times. Thus, if you wish to cure them at home and in less time, you can switch to the application of lemons each. Lemons are known to enhance the healing process in the body. What you can do is dab the lemon essential oil on the affected areas with corns and calluses to accelerate the healing of the area. however, it is recommendable that you use the oil in the diluted form only. Also, do not use lemon oils on open wounds as it may sting unbearably.

7. Lemons help in reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Lemons consist of pectin power which helps in working to improve your metabolism and enriches your body with health-boosting nutrients. This can overall help in reducing cholesterol. The blood vessels in your body strengthen with this. Lemons also contain Vitamin P which is known to effectively cure high blood pressure naturally.

8. Lemons help in treating insomnia

The leaves of the lemon and its zest have a natural and gentle scent. It is very much efficient in calming your nerves and reducing anxiety. Thus, overall it also helps in promoting timely sleep and improves your sleeping pattern. You can use a lemon balm each night before sleeping and rub it on your forehead and massage gently for a Good Night Sleep.

9. Lemons help in restoring of pH balance of your skin and body

Not just consuming lemon helps, but also the application of lemon juice on skin and face is great. The alkaline nature of lemon helps in retaining the moisture of your skin and body and also enhances the pH level of the body. It also enhances the water intake for your body and helps in pushing your bodies to the required pH balance which is around 7.4.

10. Lemons help in treating acne

Fruits rich in vitamin C are known to be excellent for the skin. Lemon does just the same. It detoxifies your body and treats the impurities which cause acne. It also includes a fresh glow and radiance on your skin. It also kills off all the bacteria on your skin which is a major cause of acne when applied on the face. You can apply it topically on your skin and wash off after it dries off.

11. Lemons help in treating asthma

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which has a dual role in treating asthma. It helps in enhancing the immunity of your body and also acts as an anti-oxidant to protect your body from harmful oxidants which are produced in the lungs in the form of allergens. Thus, the intake of lemon helps in fighting the disease of asthma successfully.

12. Lemons help in curing indigestion and constipation

Lemon is very helpful in keeping the bad bacteria at distance in your body. it has a lot of fiber content which helps in improving your digestion. It also works on alkalizing your stomach which is helpful in inducing healthy metabolism which makes your problems of constipation and indigestion a far item.

13. Lemon juice helps in curing canker sores

Lemon juice has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is a healing agent and accelerates the process of healing. All you have to do is dab the lemon juice on the affected area and let it stay. You can also wash off if you want after it dries off. If the lemon juice irritates or stings, wash off immediately. Also, make sure you dilute the lemon juice before you apply. Do not apply lemon juice on open wounds.

14. Lemon enhancing your dental health as well

The major causes of deteriorated dental health are bacteria and germs. These germs and bacteria accumulate in various parts of your mouth and start creating plague which is the main reason your teeth become pale in color and also get sensitive and painful. One of the ways to reduce the pain and dirt from your dental area is to use lemon juice.

It helps in reducing the bad breath problem. Its antibacterial nature helps in killing and reducing the bacteria which accumulates in the teeth. It also helps in whitening of teeth as it has bleaching agents as well.

15. Lemons help in fighting off tiredness and fatigue

If you consume lemon juice every day in the morning before breakfast or with breakfast, it keeps you energetic all day. Lemons have vitamin C which enhances your energy levels. The sour and vibrant smell of lemons makes you feel alert and fresh. It enhances your sense of concertation and also stimulates your brain activity. So, whenever you are feeling tired, lime juice, a lemon air diffuser, or a lemon balm is an amazing way to boost yourself.

You can also spray a lemon essential oil on your handkerchief and pat it on your wrists as well to stay awake all day.

16. Lemons help in reducing bug bits and also cures them

Lemons have a very distinct smell along with having antibacterial properties. If you spray the dilution of lemon oil and water in the air, it repels insects and also enhances the fragrance in your room or office, also, you can use it the other way. You can take a cotton ball and soak it in fresh lime juice and place it in a corner. You can also apply a few drops of lemon juice or oil on your body. Always, keep lime juice and oil away from open cuts and wounds.

17. Lemon helps in bringing you relief from pain

Lemons have pain elevating properties. They help in the relaxations of muscles and also have anti-inflammatory effects. They are also known to treat arthritis’s and relive the pain of the same as well. if you have joint or muscle pain, you can apply lemon balm or oil on those areas to get relief from pain and aches. You can also warm the lime juice and dab it on the affected areas with a towel to experience a soothing effect.

Lemons are much more than simple Vitamin C enriched fruits. So, the next time you feel like soda or a drink, you might want to switch to a cool glass of lemon juice for it is a tasty and a healthy beverage which will have all the positive effects mentioned on your body and make you want to have it each day.


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