Hygiene for baby: first step towards healthy living


Practicing a good hygiene for your baby is the first step towards keeping them away from diseases. From clothes to corner of the floor, everything needs to be spick and span when you have a baby around. In fact, health of the baby  can be directly  co-related to the kind of products parents use to maintain cleanliness of baby for instance nail clipper, ear buds, comb and nose cleaner.

With more than 60 years of experience, Chicco, the Italian baby care brand brings to you its Hygiene range for daily cleaning and grooming of the delicate body parts of your little ones. Chicco Hygiene Range not only makes daily tasks of parents quicker and easier but in the course also maintains the quality to provide best experience to both parents and babies.


Chicco’s Hygiene Range is categorised in  four product categories-


Hair Hygiene: Brush & Comb –

  • The soft natural bristles of brush take care of the delicate skin of the baby & allows to gently comb baby’s hair.
  • The comb teeth with rounded ends are ideal for baby’s delicate scalp as these are designed to comb baby’s first hair without scratching the soft skin
  • Anti-slip handles – Both the brush and comb have wide handles that allow easy and safe grip.


Nail Hygiene: Nail Scissors –

  • Chicco baby nail scissors are made of nickel-free stainless steel and has curved blades with rounded tips to ensure complete safety during use
  • Designed ergonomically, these scissors help clip nails from baby’s tiny fingers at right angles without hurting them
  • The scissors come with a cover to hygienically protect the blades when not in use


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Ear Hygiene: Cotton Tips Sicurnet –

  • Chicco cotton buds with special ear drum protection design on either side ensures safe and proper cleaning of the tender ears of the baby 
  • The paper stem of the cotton buds prevents the tip from going too deep even if you apply pressure thus ensuring no harm to your baby’s sensitive ears.
  • Since it’s made of paper & not plastic, it is biodegradable


Nasal Hygiene: Chicco Baby nose cleaner Physio Clean

  • Physio Clean baby nose cleaner is ideal to free baby’s nose from excess mucous in a practical and efficient way


  • It offers an immediate solution for the mothers to keep the nose unblocked and allow the baby to breathe freely, making it easier for him to feed and sleep


  • Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to use by mothers to cleans baby’s nose


  • Its nozzle is made of soft and flexible material which is particularly suitable for baby’s sensitive and delicate nostrils


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