LAIQA A premium sanitary pad for a hassle-free period


New Delhi, February 2019: Laiqa, a homegrown, Premium and bio-degradable sanitary napkins brand, founded by Monica Bindra, Nazish and Ali Mir is all set to enter the Indian market. People are becoming more conscious of what they use and are more aware of the materials they bring close to their body or even insert. The latest entry and player into the sanitary napkin market is Laiqa, which focuses on comfort. The brand believes it can create a hassle-free period for the consumer, right from product order to acquisition – always in keeping with a sustainable future for one and all. They will guide women towards understanding the unique functionality of their own bodies and eradicate the stigma attached to female menstruation by creating a platform for safe, healthy and comfortable discussion. Women deserve more than what has been; quality products & services that provide the consumer with the highest utility worldwide. Laiqa aims to move past the shame & propagate pride for female flow!

The brand vision for Laiqa is to be the best, sustainable feminine hygiene brand in the market, but first, always – a brand with a heart. We offer quality products and wish to collect a community of not only women but people who recognise menstruation for both how normal and special it is,” says Monica Bindra.

Laiqa pads are rash free, allergy free, itch free and also protects you from yeast infections. Most pads available in the market have chlorine in some form. Dioxins (by product of chlorine and bleaching) lead to ovarian cancer. Laiqa pads are free from chemicals, toxins and even fragrance. Normally a sanitary napkin has 90% plastic whereas they have 7% plastic in their product. These pads come in disposal bags that are made of paper and are 100% biodegradable. Each napkin is designed to solve the purpose it is made for-absorbent, feather soft, comfortable. 

Brother sister duo, Nazish and Ali had this to say, “For us, Laiqa is a project that is very close to our hearts.  We want people to have a platform, where they can ask questions freely and know what is best for them. We intend to put that message across with Laiqa.”

It takes around 500 years for sanitary napkins to decompose, generating around 9,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year in India alone – that’s 432 million pads in one year. The brand will be branching out into more products and introducing more categories, while staying true to their eco-friendly roots.


• High Quality, Breathable Feather- Soft Top sheet

• Reduced Plastic, Chlorine Free and pH Compatible

• Rash, Irritation and Fragrance Free

• Well-designed, Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging

• Convenient Biodegradable Disposal Bag with every Pad

• Individual and Combo Packs to suit the needs of every Woman

• Subscription offering amazing Deals and Doorstep Delivery


 Price Points:

10 Ultra-thin day pads (Long)- INR 219
10 Cosy fluff Night Pads (Extra Long)- INR 239
10 Ultra-thin panty liners- INR 139


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