Yoga Bars Brings a Crunch to Breakfast with Muesli+


Here is another reason to make breakfast, your best meal of the day. Yoga Bars now forays into Muesli Plus, adding to its portfolio of snack bars, protein bars and breakfast bars. The Muesli Plus comes at an opportune time, as people look for healthier and easier alternatives for their most important meal of the day. Yoga Bars Muesli+, like all their other products are made from natural ingredients and packed with wholesome flavour.

Yoga Bars Muesli+ comes in four delicious variants. Almond Quinoa Crunch-a flavourful combination of whole grains, Seeds, ranging from quinoa, pumpkin, chia and flax among others, as well as nuts and dry fruits. Dark Chocolate Cranberry comes with dark Belgian chocolate, raisins and cranberries as well as whole grains and seeds. Fruits+Nuts & Seeds has the delicious flavour of Apricot and Cranberry, raisins and blackberry with seeds like pumpkin, chia and flax, mixed with whole grains. Turmeric+Ginger brings the healing properties of turmeric and ginger, mixed with whole grains, seeds and nuts. All the muesli is made with natural sugars like Jaggery and date syrup and uses honey, protein flakes to make up a power punch for your day.

In the words of Founder, Suhasini Sampath and Anindita Sampath, ‘We decided to add Muesli+ as breakfast cereals as mueslis are a growing category among urban consumers. Everyone wants to start their day in a healthy way, and muesli was thus a natural progression for us, after breakfast bars. As always, our products have been manufactured with a lot of care and love, and have been created after a lot of research. They are completely natural and preservative free.’

The Muesli+ packs come in 400 gm boxes and are priced at INR 299/-. They will be available at – Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Big Bazaar, Spencer’s, Big Basket, HyperCITY, HEALTHKART,, Flipkart, Health & Glow, etc.


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About Yogabar

With the fitness market booming & new brands popping up with an array of products, Yoga Bar stands true to its ideals & doesn’t compromise on giving you the best “Healthy Snack” your money can buy. As they continue to innovate and introduce new products into the market, they are will stay true to their founding principles:

  • All natural ingredients

  • Devoid of preservatives, artificial flavours & additives.

  • Great flavour combinations

  • Stay affordable within the category

  • Focus on meeting nutrition needs – be it fiber, proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants

  • Choose good ingredients

  • Avoid the negatives associated with processed food industry – no trans fat, no added saturated fats, no artificial sweeteners no processed sugars or ingredients like high fructose corn syrup

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