10 Best Countries For Medical Tourism


Every year, tons of people travel overseas for better medical treatment. A new statement by Visa and the based international forecasting firm Oxford Economics states that this number is fixed to increase by just about 25 percent each year for the next period as nations race to attract global health tourists with a list of treatments as wide-ranging as the travelers themselves.

Here are lists of top places in the world to visit if you’re looking for the best treatment. There are many amazing place to get well from treatment where you can stay in very peaceful, serene space with lots of privacy and all the relaxations of home.

Top 10 World Destinations For Medical Tourism


Brazil is renowned the world over for its affection of the striking game, Brazil is probably just about just as famous for medical tourism. As a nation neighboring on fascination when it comes to appearances, without any wonder that it comes under the third-largest rate of cosmetic surgery techniques in the world, with merely the US and China positioned upper. Medical tourists assemble here to take full benefits of inexpensive cosmetic processes in a country where plastic surgery is very standard. Brazil also gets higher rank for wealthy travelers looking for the services of celebrity specialists or much-desired treatment like the Brazilian butt-revitalization that has made prominent by the likes of the Kardashians and extensively offered in boutique clinics like La Prath.


Malaysia flocks amongst the top medical tourism destination in the world. Malaysia offers the perfect value for money medical treatments in the entire South-East Asia destinations. Tourists come from different countries like from Singapore for huge savings, whereas Middle Eastern tourists feel relaxed landing here, thanks a lot to the nation’s Muslim tradition. Patient well-being is outstanding and hospitals offer deluxe rooms more similar to hotel suites than hospital zones, though others, such as Prince Court Medical Centre although have some indoor hydrotherapy pools. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) Concierge and Lounge located at the Kuala Lumpur and Penang international airports that really make sure that tourists are perfectly treated at this smart city.


India is a great combination of remarkable structural design, vibrant commotion and fast-growing medical tourism industry. Patients in India for medical tourism can easily save up to 90 percent on western healthcare budgets and hence, a rising number of travelers are visiting here for cost-effective fertility treatments, time and again pooled with a bucket-list journey to the Taj Mahal or other incredible destinations in India. Lots of private hospitals are now offering the exclusive packages for foreign patients that comprise airport-to-hospital pick-ups, in-room, and better-enabled Wi-Fi and private chefs for those who don’t want to recuperate on such deal.


Thailand is well-known for its amazing Thai hospitality and stunning beaches, the “Land of Smiles”. This country is also renowned for its massive number of globally qualified hospitals in South-East Asia. With a famous medical tourism industry that move backs to the ’70s, an airport that’s offer best services from all over the world and hassle-free visa procedures, Thailand pull thousands of health wanderers each year. Various eminent services are available such as dental work, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery. The granddaddy hospital is a well-reputed Bumrungrad International (bumrungrad.com) which offers every type of process possible to over 400,000 international patients throughout the year. Several health-care facilities also offer many private retrieval gardens, moderation therapies, and Thai massage.


Turkey is the junction of East and West and a popular competitor amongst the world’s leading medical tourism destination. With almost nil waiting times and economical treatments, a wide range of experts such as transplantation, genetic testing, and neurosurgery, the country’s coast-to-coast carrier (turkishairlines.com) offers concessions to those soaring in for medical motives. In spite of the turmoil, Turkey appeals better health-seeking travelers who also relish luxury offerings at the country’s best natural thermal spa resorts and mud baths.

Costa Rica

Next awesome medical tourism destination is Costa Rica that has a great reputation as a medical tourism place which is more significant than ever earlier as the nation attempts to reconstruct its budget. This small Central American haven is filled with waterfalls, volcanoes and idyllic beaches, and gets the highest rank when it comes to healthcare – dependably positioned above Canada and the US. When it comes to cosmetic surgery and dentistry, now this destination also welcomes patients for cancer treatment, eye surgery, and weight-loss processes. The beautifully unmatched ranch-style retrieval retreats such as CheTica Ranch in San Jose (recoverycenterchetica.com) are charms for medical travelers, who relish the entire facilities of a hotel that is supervised by well-experienced nurses and staffs.


Astounding travelers with its exotic art and museums, mouthwatering cuisine and colorful culture, Mexico is a beautiful destination where primeval Maya ruins wait to be discovered and roaring breakers roll all over the places up to 45,000 kilometers of subtropical shoreline. Having greeted medical travelers from the US for several years, the country’s always-growing healthcare backdrop now draws health-seeking tourists from the world over. Mexico is renowned for dentistry and cosmetic surgery, cost-effective treatments offer savings of up to 60 percent compared with costs in the US and Europe. Best clinics are situated in almost each main Mexican town, with Tijuana being an astounding destination for cosmetic processes.


This island country is featured with volcanic heights, river gorges and lush flatlands, log on to a crowd of lavish lodging and a growing range of superb healthcare facilities. Focusing on cardiology, health screening and orthopedics, there is also a governing emphasis on better preventative care. National Taiwan University Hospital (ntuh.gov.tw) was the destination of Asia’s first-ever kidney transplant and the hospital offers innovative treatments. English-speaking personnel is not every time extensively offered but if you can also get rid of the translation issues, also the place is equipped with exemplary consumer service and world-class services such as at Chang Bing Show Chwan Health Park which has an art gallery, a children’s museum, and a luxury movie theatre.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s perfect tech-savvy and systematically cutting-edge countries, South Korea’s presence in Patients without Edges’ top 10 medical tourism sites without any surprise. The destination is fully equipped hospitals flush with unique medical technologies and well-trained staff. Seoul’s Wooridul Spine Hospital (wooridul.com) offers high-tech treatments and the state-of-the-art in negligibly intrusive spinal operations to over 20,000 patients each year, even people come from out of the country. Luxury rooms have spacious bathrooms, you can find a personal computer, two beds and hence your travel buddy can join you, and a comfy living room. After that, the country’s hilly backdrops and pleasant climate are perfect for post-op recovery.


Singapore is known as a Lion City that attracts huge numbers of global patients who are looking for the best quality medical care thank you to its dependable ranking at the top of the World Health Organisation’s entries for Asia. Small in size, the city-state is quite easier to go around and since English is Singapore’s business language, patients encounter fewer language barriers. Gleneagles Hospital gleneagles.com.sg) is one of the tops in the country, hiring over 400 experts in a lavish, multi-million dollar compound while Farrer Park Hospital (farrerpark.com) has an on-site global desk that looks after of the whole thing from airport transportation and visa services to post-treatment hotel reservations.

What are you waiting for? Fly to these medical tourism destinations anytime you want the best treatment.

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