Most Common Hair Problems And Treatment


Most of people have common problem of losing hair, hair fall and damaged hair, hair infection and more related with hair problems. For women it is always a major problem. Hair loss happens due to numerous complications and each individual has many reasons for that to occur. One and all contemplate that beauty and elegance mostly depends in hair as well. When you are altering the style of your hair completely provides you a distinct appearance and it will portray them with a good and complete look. With lots of trendy things happening all over the places, where actually comes the problem? Hair loss or hail fall is the problem and hair transplant specialists are the problem solvers of such complications.

Why baldness is a common problem 
Baldness, hair fall and weakening of hair is a bother for both men and women. Women are gifted with excellent hair growth and of course doesn’t matter what occurs, but men are not blessed with that. Once they are bald for some reasons they should admit the nasty actuality and carry on. When hairlessness looks mild, you must receive correct treatment or substituting it with elegant hair is tough. Few are not that much concerned about the hair transplantations and surgical treatment though few are uninformed. Men who are willing in replacing their hair with proper style get victory in the combat. The process of methodology and whom they approach matters most always. They must approach renowned hair transplant doctor, who can make the right use of their hair transplant methods. In the last part, all we just require is to prevent the hair loss and offer a right solution to their complication.

Know more about hair transplantation 
Hair transplantation has become the widespread technique of resolving the problem for hair loss or hair fall. However people are not completely known about this, when they get the results and images of the transformation they also obtain a matter of faith. When they scrutinize what popular techniques are used by people when it comes to baldheadedness they will offer what they want. The dedicated hair transplant surgeon will transplant the hair to the bald place with all medical disorders by covering the baldness completely. Topmost transplant specialists are experienced medical staffs who will apply the surgical procedure and evoke the standards of the patients. People who are experiencing from baldness should always look up with a reliable and best specialist and then they will automatically obtain excellent and effective results.

Opt for the top doctors for your problems 
The excellent hair transplant physician knows the correct method to solve every problem. Hairlessness is a common term but when we talk about transplantation, every individual will have different methods and type of hair. The surgeon will scrutinize and treat the hairlessness, which will be fit to the patient. Usually this treatment is done by experienced organizations and expert people. When previously individuals are in melancholy with their hairlessness and when surgeons are opted in an incorrect way, then it will add fuel to fire. If you are seeking out a right solution for your hairlessness all you have to do is to find the hair transplant surgeon. Some essential tips in choosing the specialist for you depends on your problem, but some common tips are shared above.

Hair Loss

Know More about Symptoms and Causes of Hair Loss

Today, lots of people suffer from hair loss and find the best solution to solve the problems. Treating the hair loss problem is a major concern of people to improve hair growth. This will distress scalp as well as body entirely. The problems can be caused due to changes in hormone, genetics, medical condition, and others. All age group can experience hair loss problem. But, men often face such problem in their life.

The baldness problem occurs due to too much hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair loss is the common form of baldness cause. People decide to take the best treatment for the hair loss problem. Some of them also wrap the hair with the hats, scarves, makeups, and much more things. In order to restore the growth of hair, people must utilize the best treatment and ensure better hair growth in a simple way.

Prior to the hair loss treatment, it is necessary to speak with the doctor and know the cause of the hair loss. You can gain the treatment option details from the doctor. The doctor provides the treatment based on the condition of the problem.

Know the symptoms:

  • Female pattern baldness

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Traction alopecia

  • Patchy hair loss

The hair loss problem occurs in a different form today. The problem is also caused because of the pollution. The problem comes suddenly and damages the scalp and body. The hair loss may be permanently and temporarily.

Indication of the hair loss problem:

Hair becomes thin on top of head:

It is the frequent form of hair loss. This type of condition influence on men and women as well. In men, hair often starts to shed from a forehead that looks like an alphabet M. men cannot manage the hairline and face such problem. Women maintain hairline on the forehead and keep up lengthy hair.

Round bald spots in hair:

This is another condition for hair loss. People face smooth and coin sized bald spots. This sign will affect only the scalp. People also experience the problem in eyebrows and beards. On the other hand, people also feel itchy and pain in the skill because of hair fall.

Gradual loosing of hair:

The gradual loss of hair occurs because of sudden emotional and physical shock. This will affect the hair to lose. A handful of hair can fall out while combing and washing hair. The people never face bald patches for this type of hair loss.

Complete body hair loss:

This is normally caused if you are involved in medication and treatment. The treatment like chemotherapy is for cancer. The treatment definitely falls out hair throughout the body. The hair also grows possibly after the treatment.

Patches of scaling passed throughout the scalp:

When it comes to this condition, you can see the hair like ringworm. This can come with broken hair, redness, oozing, and other conditions.

When to locate doctor:

Once you face any symptoms above, you can immediately hire the best one and treat the problem. Whether you need to get the treatment, you can follow the doctor advice and use the best treatment for your hair. In case, you can observe gradual and sudden damages in hair than normal. You can follow the perfect medical treatment and avoid hair loss to grow up the hair quickly. You can utilize the required treatment for hair loss and solve the problem. You can ensure the hair growth with the help of better treatment.

Source of the hair loss problem:

Normally, people lose hundred hairs per day. This one does not cause thinning of hair. The new hair also grows in the hair shed region. The problem is often taken place while the structure of the hair growth and shedding disturbed. Sometimes, the hair follicle is also damaged and removes the scar tissue. The hair loss problem interlinked with the aspects like,

  • History of balding in the family

  • Weight loss problem

  • Age

  • Medical condition like cancer, diabetes, lupus, and others

  • Stress and anxiety

How to avoid the hair loss:

The hair loss problem is treatable by following the required treatment. The treatment gives the ideal result to people and retains the hair growth. The baldness is happened due to the genetics. The genetic related hair loss is not treatable. People follow some of the useful tips to avoid a problem. You can follow some of the important tips for the curable hair loss

  • People must keep out the tight hairstyle like buns, ponytails, braids, and others.

  • It is necessary to avoid twisting and pulling of hair

  • People should deal with the hair softly while brushing and washing

  • You can avoid the tight toothed comb for brushing the hair.

  • You can make use of wide toothed comb that reduces of pulling out of hair.

  • People never use the cruel treatment like curling irons, hot rollers, and oil treatments.

  • You may also avoid unnecessary medication and supplement for hair loss

  • You can cover the hair with hats and caps to protect it against sunlight and ultraviolet light

  • If you use the chemotherapy treatment, you can consult with a doctor for using cooling caps.

  • This type of cap helps people to minimize hair loss risk and another factor.


It is another form of causing hair loss today. People who suffer from dandruff can also face hair loss condition. This is the dangerous one that affects the root of the hair. This one acts as a chronic condition that affects while scalping dry and greasy. It generates white flakes of skin. People look such one in hair and shoulder.

The people face the different issues if dandruff cannot treat properly. The problem usually begins from age ten to twenty.

Problem regarding dandruff:

The skin cells form rapidly on the scalp region. Discard the dead skin cell is the usual process. If the dandruff is associated with hair, skin cells are discarded fastly when compare to normal. Oil from scalp also damages the skin cell.

The problem happened because of numerous things like dry skin, using sensitive hair products, and others. Dandruff can be caused as the excessive growth of the fungus. The dandruff is also caused by hormone changes, oil present in scalp, stress, issues in the immune system and so on.

Risk of dandruff problem:

You can realize symptoms early and take the best treatment for your problem. The basic sign of dandruff involves white flakes of dead skin that available in hair and shoulder as well. People also face other problems like redness, itchy and rough scalp on the head.

In case, seborrheic dermatitis is the root cause of dandruff problem, the symptoms gradually seem. When the problem occurs, people feel scalp becomes itchy, dry and greasy. If the skin cells die, the scalp appears like yellowish scale. This will affect other parts of the body too. So, you can make the treatment in advance and avoid the problems.

What factors create dandruff?

Hair treatment is labeled as darunaka as per Ayurveda. The dandruff problems can be caused by some minor factors like,

  • Poor hygiene

  • Dry scalp

  • Excessive oil on the scalp

  • Bad hair care products

  • Chemical rest of the cosmetic items

  • Fungal infection

  • Changes of weather and climate

  • Stress and tension

In a busy lifestyle, this is the common source of dandruff. You can concentrate on the best treatment and avoid those problems. Apart from this, you can consider other factors too such as,

  • Dandruff is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays

  • Improper foods

  • Improper sleep

  • Pollution and dust

  • Improper washing and brushing of hair

  • Sweating

  • Not apply oil to scalp

You can quickly make the treatment once find out the symptoms. You can a few days to cure the problems. Dandruff creates the issues like,

  • Hair fall

  • Redness of the scalp

  • Scalp itching

  • Deadness of scalp

  • Dryness and greasy of skin

  • Burning sensation in scalp and others

Ensure better diagnosis:

You can hire the doctor that well-known in the field. They get ready to treat the problems by following the fine treatment. They perform diagnose of dandruff problem by just seeing the scalp and hair.

Utilize the best treatment:

People never worry about the problem. The problem is not continued over the long period of time. You can simply use the treatment and see the magical result. You can control dandruff in hair by using treatment. You can clean the hair on the regular basis with the fine shampoo that used for dandruff purpose. The shampoo will minimize oiliness and keep up only mild dandruff.

You can hire the right shop and get the desired shampoo for your problems. Whether you face itching, redness and burning problem in the head, you can avoid the product quickly. People immediately access the medical assistance for the problem and make sure perfect hair growth.

Dandruff shampoos are categorized in the form of medical condition.

Pyrithione zinc shampoos:

Moreover, this is often used for head and shoulder. This type of shampoo manages antifungal and antibacterial agent lie zinc pyrithione. This will ideally remove the fungus associated with a scalp that spread dandruff on the scalp

Tar-based shampoos:

This is also regarded as Neutrogena T/Gel. This is helpful for different dandruff condition. It quickly works on the skin cells and keeps out the white flakes

Shampoos containing salicylic acid:

This one acts as scalp scrubs that help people to reduce scale. This may aid people to get relieved from the dry scalp.

Selenium sulfide shampoos:

This will reduce the skin cells from dying and Malassezia. You can use it directly and rinse well behind shampooing.

Ketoconazole shampoos:

It is considered as best antifungal agent that works well for user needs if the normal shampoo fails to work. You can use it if the doctor prescribes.

You can try to use the above shampoos and control problems. It is necessary to read the following of direction that available in the shampoo bottle. You can spend a few minutes to read the important factor present in the shampoo bottle.

If you face dandruff in shoulders, face and other parts, you must speak to the doctor and how to cure it. They first examine the problem and then provide mandatory treatment. They prefer the best shampoo according to the problem condition of people.


This is normally caused by hair loss. If you cannot keep up perfect hair, you may lose the appearance and look. Loss of hair becomes a sensitive issue among people in the present scenario. This type of the problem comes with thinning of hair line.

In the male, hair loss can direct the formation of a bald spot on the head region. In females, the hair loss is categorized by receding hair and thinning of hair. The lost hair can definitely remove by new hair. In order to overcome the problem, people utilize surgical grafting and weaving of hair.

What factors cause male pattern baldness?

The male baldness is often caused by genetics. The research shows that the male baldness is presented with the male sex hormones that known as androgens. This is the main source for regulating the growth of hair. Each hair follows a perfect cycle for the growth concern. If the cycle week, the hair follicle becomes shrink and shorten. The doctors perform a proper diagnostic method to identify the problem and make the immediate treatment.

Major factor of baldness:

People must factor that affects hair and develop baldness problem. People follow the important factors of the baldness like

  • Aging

  • Family history

  • Deficiency in nutritional facts

  • Emotional and physical stress

  • Surgery and traumatic injury

  • Poor hair care

  • Intake of improper food items

  • Long period illness

  • Diseases like thyroid and anemia will also affect hair

  • Nervous habits

  • Nutritional disorder

What causes male pattern baldness?

An individual may cause of male pattern baldness is just heredities, and also having a family record of baldness. Study has revealed that male pattern baldness is related with male sex hormones named androgens. The androgens have lots of functions, comprising controlling hair growth.

Doctors utilize the pattern of hair loss to treat male pattern baldness. They might implement a medical history and examination to prevent certain health illnesses as the cause, such as fungal conditions of the scalp or nutritional illnesses.

Health disorders might be a cause of baldness when a rash, soreness, pain, flaking of the scalp, hair damage, sporadic hair loss, or an unusual pattern of hair loss supplements the hair loss. A skin biopsy and blood exams also might be required to treat illnesses responsible for the hair loss.

Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)

Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) is an oral medicine that reduces hair loss in some men. It acts by preventing the growth of the male hormone responsible for hair loss. Finasteride has a massive success rate than minoxidil. When you prevent consuming finasteride, your hair loss returns.

You should also consume finasteride for three months to one year rather than you look at results. If no hair growth arises after one year, your specialist will be expected suggests that you just do not consume the medicine. The side effects of finasteride comprise:

  • depression

  • itching

  • rash

  • hives

  • breast tenderness

  • breast growth

  • swelling of the face or lips

  • painful ejaculation

  • pain in testicles

  • difficulty having an erection

Even though it’s sporadic, finasteride may cause breast cancer. You must have any breast pain or lumps checked by a doctor instantly.

Finasteride can affect prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests that are utilized to display for prostate cancer. The medicine reduces PSA levels, which causes lower-than-normal readings. Any growth in PSA levels when using finasteride should be appraised for prostate cancer.

Hair transplants

A hair transplant is the most intrusive and pricey treatment for hair loss. Hair transplants function by eliminating hair from areas of the scalp that have active hair growth and removing them to weakening or balding areas of your scalp.

Numerous treatments are always essential, and the process takes the risk of damaging and infection. The benefits of a hair transplant are that it looks more natural and it’s everlasting.

Can baldness be prevented?

There’s no identified technique to stop male pattern baldness. A concept is that anxiety may cause hair loss and baldness by growing the creation levels of sex hormones in the body. You can diminish stress by contributing in soothing activities, such as walking, listening to relaxing music, and relishing more silent time.

Fungal infection of scalp

Ringworm or even fungal infection of the scalp (tinea capitis) is a fungus contagion of the scalp and hair spillways. The signs and indications of ringworm of the scalp might differ, but it typically seems as itchy, rough, bald areas on the head.

Ringworm of the scalp, a highly infectious contagion, is usually in tots and school-going children.

Treatment for fungal infections of the scalp comprises medicines taken by mouth to eradicate the molds, as well as antiseptic shampoos that may reduce the spread of contagion.

Some cases of fungal infections of the scalp result in serious swelling at the site of contagion that may cause damaging or lasting hair loss


The signs and symptoms of ringworm of the scalp comprise:

  • One or more round areas of flaking skin where the hair has damaged off at or just above the scalp

  • Patches that gradually increase or expand

  • Scaly, dull or inflamed areas

  • Patches that have small black spots where the hair has damaged off at the scalp

  • Stiff or delicate hair that easily drags out

  • Soreness or tender areas on the scalp

When to see a doctor?

Many conditions touching the scalp might have a same appearance. See your child’s physician if your child has any hair loss, scrambling or discomfort of the scalp, or other scarce appearance of the scalp. It’s significant to obtain a precise diagnosis and quick, right treatment.


Fungal infection of the scalp is caused by one of numerous ranges of fungus-like yeasts called dermatophytes. The fungi outbreak the external layer of skin on the scalp and the hair shaft.

Ringworm isn’t caused by a worm. The common name for the disorder refers to the ring-like or circular appearance of the infection on the skin.

Techniques of transmission

Fungal infection is transmissible and can spread in the following processes:

  • Human to human. Fungal infection always spreads through direct skin-to-skin exposure with a diseased individual.

  • Object to human. Fungal infection can spread through contact with objects or surfaces that a sick person or animal has affected, such as clothing, towels, bed linens, combs or brushes.

  • Animal to human. Dogs and cats, particularly puppies and kittens, are always holds carriers of ringworm. Other creatures that are always holds of the fungi comprise cows, goats, pigs and horses. Your child can contract fungal infection by preparing or stroking an animal with ringworm.

Other types of fungal infections

The yeasts that cause ringworm of the scalp can cause other contagions on the body. These contagions are usually categorized by the part of the body touched. They include:

  • Ringworm of the body (tinea corporis). This type causes a red, crusty ring or circle of rash on the upper layer of your skin.

  • Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). This type of ringworm touches the damp areas between your toes and often on the foot itself.

  • Jock itch (tinea cruris). This form touches your genitals, internal upper thighs and backsides.



In most of situations, fungal infections of the scalp cause kerion — a very serious, sore tenderness of the scalp. Kerion appears as lenient, upraised bumps that drain pus and cause thick, yellow crusting on the scalp.

In spite of breaking, the hair falls drops or can be simply dragged out. Kerion might be caused by an overly strong reaction to the mold and can lead to long-lasting blemishes and hair loss.


Fungal infection is tough to restrict because the yeasts that cause it are common and extremely infectious. You can assist to decrease the risk of fungal infections by taking these steps:

  • Teach yourself and others. Be alert of the peril of fungal infections from infested people or pets. Also educate your children about ringworm or fungal infections, what to look for and how to prevent the infection.

  • Shampoo on a regular basis. Always make sure to clean your child’s scalp on a regular basis, especially after haircuts.

  • Keep clean. Make sure your child rinses out his or her hands often to prevent the spread of contagion. Keep common or shared areas clean, particularly in schools, child care centers, gyms and locker rooms.

  • Prevent infected animals. The contagion always appears like a patch of skin where hair is gone. In some cases, however, you might not notice any symptoms of the infection. Ask your doctor to check your domestic animal and pets for fungal infections.

  • Don’t share personal items. Also it is important to teach your kids not to allow others share their clothing, towels, hairbrushes or other personal items, or to use such products from other children.

Grey hair

Greying of hair at a premature age is called as premature greying of hair. Although reasons for silvery hair are typically natural as it is a part of the elderly procedure, a surplus of white hair in folks under the age of 30 is a cause for anxiety.

We have to stay more on the matter of early greying of hair to see the reasons for greying hair and reach at the right solution to stop further early greying of hair.

Signs & Symptoms of Early Greying of Hair (White hair)

However, white is an unavoidable and irreparable truth of life, it is however related with the age issue. Grey hair looks only when you start growing aged or old. Thus, the subject of early greying of hair causes is both threatening and fascinating. If something occurs to us just earlier. It will commonly alarm us and make us find a correct solution to the complications such as grey hair at a very young age.

Before getting the right treatment for premature of white hair, it is imperative to know its indications and signs.

  • Whitening of hair seen at a younger age, mainly under the age of 30.

  • Hair begins presenting yellowing and white hair start looking, which might begin spreading fast. It is undoubtedly a case of grey hair in young age.

Early whitening Of Hair Causes

Major Reasons for premature greying of hair include:

  • Genetics – It is mostly found in some families that whitening of hair begins at a very early age.

  • Absence of nutrition – Diet lacks in necessary minerals such as iron, copper, & zinc may activate early greying or white hair in young age. Some crucial vitamin absences might also contribute to premature greying of hair.

  • Major diseases such as vitiligo, thyroid conditions, anemia and vitamin B12 absence can also activate early greying of hair.

  • Psychological pressure can also worsen premature whitening.

  • Other lifestyle selections such as smoking, faulty diet, unnecessary use of hair dryers, etc. may cause early greying of hair.

Key Approach

Before we start finding the reasons for grey hair, we also must know the primary signs and symptoms of grey hair at a young age. It is vital for us to comprehend that early greying of hair is a manageable and not a treatable problem. The emphasis is on eye-catching the spread of whitening till the physical age of whitening i.e. 30 and above.


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Premature Greying Of Hair Cure

A Clinical Professional will always assist you find reasons for white hair before the age of 30. Patients under expert supervision will have to approach an expert, for finding the rigorous reasons for premature whitening of hair.

Generally, it is a systematic technique for complete treatment of premature greying hair.

  • Most importantly, it is most vital to setup the trust connection between the physician and the patient. Once you go to the clinic to increase worries about early whitening of hair, you must preferably emphasis on sharing each and every detail about your complications with the visiting the doctor, to know your problem.

  • Another step is a physical test to do a tough estimation on the percentage of whitening in several structural parts of the scalp. Your medical evaluation of early whitening of hair will also include responsible factors such as whether body hair is included or not in the whitening of hair process.

  • It is depending upon hereditary vulnerability, the age of the patient and nourishing status of the patient, an obvious aim is all set to find reasons for grey hair and causes of grey hair on an individual level.

  • Next effective step towards slowdown of early greying is providing a particular amino acid required in hair dye fusion, to be utilized as an internal increase for one-year along with vitamin B compound. If necessary, iron supplements are also recommended.

  • Post this; frequent tests prove the successful arrest of early whitening of hair.

  • In young people, from time to time, though colour looks alteration often. The advantage of the treatment of grey hair in adolescent age is noticed even after the treatment.

  • Preventive features, which should and can still lead to early whitening of hair, are described to the patient so that warning can be retained to stop deterioration.

Can Early Greying Of Hair Be Inverted?

Premature Greying hair treatment is done by just regulating, maintaining and contrary the greying procedure; on the other hand, the patient’s body retort is a key factor in the process. This treatment is a long-standing procedure that shows consequences gradually and to changing factors.

Damaged hair

Damaged Hair Treatment

Hair gets broken due to numerous causes. Damaged hair treatment is essential to treat hair that has been prolonged standing damaging aspects such as improper food habits, extreme anxiety, heat, severe chemicals and contamination. As hair gets damaged mainly due to durable features, many people do not understand till it is very late. Effective treatment for damaged hair is the only the best solution to get rid of such hair related problems.

It is important to use of hair dryers and heated rollers in the styling also make use of severe chemicals while dying hair, and scrubbing the hair using stiff comb frequently can curse concern that can be simply resolved with La Belle’s plentiful damaged hair treatments.

Treatment for Damaged Hair

The normal indications of damaged hair that consumers report at our clinics comprises wide-ranging hair cracking overcast or dry hair, worst hair growth, hair fall and locks of hair. Most effective hair treatment is required to be specified to the hair without interruption. There are numerous treatments for damaged hair available at La Belle that assist in treating the hair as per to the hair-condition and the level of hair loss.

Dry Hair Treatment

One of our most preferred techniques are the anti-dandruff treatment, which assists in scrubbing the scalp and the root area of dry hair. Make use of soothing component without chemicals frees the dandruff and makes hair robust. In the same way customers have had superb results with our profound dry hair treatment that is a recognized excellent solution for the dry split ends hair which have lost their sheen.

Treatment for damaged hair, if hair is evaluated by our team as grey, frothy and dry, includes superficially adding proteins to the scalp and hair glands and nurtures them along with reinstating lost moisture in an extended run. Dry hair treatment is the right solution for making hair smooth and gleaming. Likewise our hair fall treatment processes offer power to the roots of hair and stops them from breaking and dropping. It keeps the scalps comforting by offering agility to hair and stimulating hair growth.

Greasy hair

Greasy or oily hair is a most common problem met by most of men and women. This complaint is mostly due to the extreme creation of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Even though sebum is vital for the health of the hair, extreme volume of sebum makes your hair greasy and gluey. Features that can add to oily hair comprise weather disorders like severe heat or moisture, genetic, hormonal inequities, surge in androgen hormones, some medical disorders, use of hair shaping products; common shampooing and conditioning, and extreme brushing and combing. If you have greasy hair, no need to concern, as this type of hair can be successfully dealt with numerous home therapies.

Extreme sebum creation is the cause for greasy hair. In the nastiest case situation the sebum glands block the hair roots and might cause unnecessary hair loss and dandruff. The causes for an extreme sebum formation are inheritance, unwholesome eating habits, medicines or wrong hair care. The sebum creation might also differ with the alteration of seasons, climate changes, hormone variations or longer periods of anxiety.

Greasy hair fix: Wash your hair always

Luckily there are best solutions for how to treat greasy hair. A dermatologist will assist in severe conditions such as prescribed medicines comprise all-trans-retinoic acid or ATRA for short (a vitamin A related substance), which control the sebaceous gland secretions. However, in most cases special hair care products will make an effective oily hair treatment. These products will reinstate the well-adjusted production of oily ingredients from the sebaceous glands.  Seaweed or herbs such as horsetail, rosemary, coltsfoot, nettles, chamomile and salvia regulate the sebum production and assist to eradicate oily hair. Therapeutic tar shampoos may also control the sebum emission. Please note: Do not use products holding proteins or lipid-refilling substances such as oils or silicon! They only make a tough situation eviler by considering the hair down and making it even greasier than earlier.

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