Why You Must Have An Investment In health Insurance?


Health insurance is a protective cover that is taken in case of any risks to the members of the family regarding medical expenses or any diseases that a member might be suffering from. It covers all the benefits that a person is to be given in terms of overall medical expenditure, surgical expenditure, the cost incurred for a routine check-up, etc. In addition to this, in case of an injury or any medical issue that has occurred due to an accident, health insurance provides complete coverage under the policy. It may also include dental plans for kids which is a necessity for children nowadays. Women can have complete insurance during the pregnancy which covers all the services undergone during that period.

Types of Health Policies

The contract is mainly between the individual and a company’s insurance provider which is renewable for a lifetime depending on the policy of the company. Even health plans are divided into some categories based on the type of plan provided. There is HMO meaning Health Maintenance Organisations, PPO meaning Preferred Provider Organisation, HDHP meaning High-Deductible Health Plan. There is also CHIP meaning Children’s Health Insurance Plan which covers affordable health insurance plan based on the savings or income, even if it is low.

According to the latest records and statistics, average health insurance costs about Rs 25,000 approximately for single coverage. The minimum age considered to be able to have health insurance is 90 days. Health insurance policy works as follows: suppose an individual has gone for a health surgery and the amount he has to pay to the hospital is 10 lakhs. If the policy claim that he gets is Rs 7 lakh, the remaining Rs 3 lakh will have to be paid by him. Even for issues like this, companies provide plans such as additional benefit over the plan, low premium, claim settlement etc.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies provide facilities such as free medical check up facility depending on the type and period of the policy. This free check up may include regular x-ray, fasting blood sugar, urine test, lipid profile etc. Now how does one claim for the health insurance?
This is as important as knowing how to buy health insurance. In today’s smart generation, one doesn’t need to call up the service provider and fix up a meeting. One has to simply use his fingertips on his smartphone and get the work done. Whether it is a private company or a government company, everything is available online. One has to simple login to the website, fill up the necessary details, check if he/she is suffering from any diseases and then a list of health insurances will be listed from which he/she can choose which is the best to opt for. Service providers can ask for any required document which is important according to them.

Health insurance has various benefits in a person’s day-to-day life, some of which are:

  • For outpatient care. This refers to the care which an individual gets without being admitted to the hospital.

  • For proper treatment by the hospital during inpatient care.

  • For basic healthcare services. Lack of health becomes a burden to an individual and the family. Hence health insurance allows an individual to avail the necessary healthcare services.

  • For prescription drugs.

  • For pregnancy in women, as well as any injury or accident of the young one.

  • For claims for mental health as well.

One can have a health plan from any service company according to their budget and can enjoy a lifetime of free medical facilities depending on the plan type. You must do a little research before finalising any plan for better understanding. With the same, it will become quote easier for you to understand what exactly you are looking for. After that, you can compare online on the basis of benefits, features, etc to get the best one for yourself. Online comparison will not only help you in choosing the best but will also assist you in saving time and money as well. So, do insure yourself today with the best health insurance plan.

Naval Goel (CEO & Founder of PolicyX.com)

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