How yoga mudras work and help healing different health issue?


The great advantages of Yoga Mudras for health and longevity have long been famed. Let’s have a glance at prime five yoga mudras sorts, ways, and advantages.

What is Gyan Mudra?

Gyan gesture is one in all the foremost normally and wide practiced mudras. Gyan gesture corresponds to the word knowledge that is “Gyan” in Indic. it’s popularly employed in Hinduism poses like Pranayama and is believed to assist attain religious enlightenment.

How to do Gyan gesture?

Gyan gesture works nicely in Padmasana. however, if you discover padmasana a small amount troublesome, you’ll be able to try this yoga gesture in sukhasana too.

• Sit down along with your back straight

• Keep your neck straight however not tense

• Keep your hands extended resting on your collapsible knees

• Touch the tip of your forefinger with the tip of your thumb

• Ensure to the touch with a mild press and not forced pressure

• Keep your eyes closed sedately and keep your concentrate on respiratory

Benefits of Gyan gesture

• It helps to relax the body

• It helps relieve stress

• Improves focus and concentration

• Stimulates brain and strengthens the system

• Works nicely for religious enlightenment

Duration of Gyan gesture

You can apply the Gyan gesture daily for a half-hour. the popular time is early morning, wherever AN attended singing of “OM” will do wonders.

Surya gesture – Yoga gesture for Weight loss

What is Surya Mudra?

Surya gesture is additionally called Prithvi-shamak gesture. this is often as a result of it reduces the planet component within the body and therefore Surya gesture is one in all the simplest mudras for weight loss.

How to do Surya gesture?

The finger represents the planet component and therefore the thumb is that the hearth component. Thus, to make Surya gesture, you would like to –

• Fold your finger and press it along with your thumb.

• You will sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana for this.

• Ensure your palms square measure contact your knees and face the sky.

• You may additionally try this gesture whereas standing or perhaps walking. except for best results, sit well along with your back straight and hump.

Surya gesture and Weight Loss

Practicing Surya gesture ends up in the reduction of earth component in your body and therefore lowers the density. Also, this gesture raises the fireplace component within the body that ends up in AN improvement in the gastrointestinal system too. This helps in sterol reduction and therefore helps in weight loss.

Other advantages of Surya gesture

• Helps improve appetency

• Helps improve vision

• The increase in hearth component helps beware of cold hands and feet

• It is helpful to beat the Kapha Dosha in the body by increasing the flatbread component.

• Energizes your inner-self and motivates you out of lethargy.

Duration of Surya gesture

You can apply the Surya gesture a day for a half-hour. the simplest time is early morning.

Surya gesture Precautions

• People World Health Organization square measure trying to realize weight and body density ought to hump sparsely only if needed.

• People with lighted tyrannid component ought to conjointly do Surya gesture with caution as this gesture is tyrannid Karak and Kapha Nashak.

Prana gesture – Yoga gesture for keeps Energy

What is Prana Mudra?

This is one in all the foremost useful yoga mudras because it has numberless advantages for health and welfare. because the name suggests, Prana gesture is that the supply of important vital force and energy. This yoga gesture will increase the planet component and therefore the water component within the body. It reduces the fireplace component within the body. Thus, Prana gesture may be a Kapha Karak and tyrannid Nashak gesture.

How to do Prana gesture?

The Prana gesture is often fashioned by connection the ideas of your finger and tiny finger with the tip of your thumb.

Benefits of Prana gesture

Prana gesture works wonders once it involves the list of advantages. Prana gesture is useful in:

• Fatigue

• Stress and mental tension

• Sleeplessness

• High force per unit area

• General feebleness

• Low immunity

• Acidity and ulcers

• Vision connected health problems

• Rheumatoid inflammatory disease

• Joint pain

• Inflammatory disorders

• Various different health problems or disorders which will occur thanks to deficiency of water and earth parts.

Duration of Prana gesture

You can apply the Prana gesture a day for thirty to forty-five minutes. first light is taken into account best for this gesture. within the starting, if you’re not capable to try and do it incessantly for thirty to forty-five minutes, you’ll hump for ten to twelve minutes, three times every day or quarter-hour a pair of times every day. Then, bit by bit you’ll be able to increase the time of application.

Prana gesture Precautions

If Kapha is in excess in your body then you must apply this gesture sparsely.

Vayu gesture – Yoga gesture for Pain Relief

What is Hindu deity Mudra?

Also called Hindu deity shaamak gesture, Hindu deity gesture helps in control the air component within the body. you’ll be able to extract wonderful health advantages with the balance of air component in your body.

How to do Hindu deity gesture?

• Fold your forefinger to your palm

• Press your thumb across the forefinger

• Press the collapsible thumb gently on the bent forefinger

• Keep the opposite 3 fingers straight however not tight

Benefits of Hindu deity gesture

• This gesture helps in equalization the air component of the body

• It works wonders for health problems associated with or arising from joint pains like inflammatory disease, gout, sciatica, and rheumatism etc.

• Vayu gesture practiced in Vajrasana or the diamond create helps in digestion once an important meal and causes you to feel relaxed

Duration of Hindu deity gesture

You can apply this gesture for ten to twelve minutes a day for obtaining relief from body pain. If your illness is chronic, you’ll increase the length however it’s safer to consult a yoga professional.

Vayu gesture Precautions

Do not apply Hindu deity gesture over needed and discontinue it once you get relief from pain or connected health issue or after you see that your chronic illness symptoms have disappeared.

Varun gesture – Yoga gesture for Beauty

What is Varun Mudra?

Also called Jal Vardhak gesture, Varun gesture helps increase the water component within the body. it’s a really easy gesture and has wonderful health advantages.

How to Do Varun gesture?

• Place the tip of your finger on the tip of your thumb

• Keep the opposite 3 fingers straight however relaxed

• The pressure applied ought to be very little and not exerted

Benefits of Varun gesture

Water plays a significant role in the health and welfare of a body. And thus, the Hindu deity gesture is extremely useful if the water component in your body is low.

Thus, active of Hindu deity gesture is useful in –

• Dehydration

• Muscle cramps

• Dryness of skin and lack of wet

• Dryness in eyes, throat or mouth

• Low micturition

• Tongue connected health problems or disorders

• Indigestion and constipation

• Various different health problems or disorders which will occur thanks to more than Vata dosha within the body

Duration of Varun gesture

Preferably throughout the first morning hours, Varun gesture is often practiced for twenty to a half-hour.

Varun gesture Precautions

People with high Kapha or tyrannid ought to apply Varun gesture sparsely.


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Always bear in mind that Yoga Mudras, though’ nice for healing, should be practiced within the manner and for the length they’re meant to be. just in case of any confusions, particularly within the case of chronic diseases, it’s best to consult a yoga professional and so perform the desired yoga gesture below management.

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