Exclusive Interview Of Arrti Khaittan, Founder Of Fittroop


Health and fitness are the MANTRA for a healthy and long life. As much as we ignore it and neglect it, it is vital for each one of us, to be motivated to workout daily or at least five days a week. Well, with the lifestyle we have adopted, it has become almost impossible to find time to give yourself in health and fitness genre. Well, Vaidyanath would like o introduce you to the face of the health and fitness industry of the country who one in a many epitome of fitness and also an inspiration and her story will definitely make you want to start working out today.

We are talking about Arrti Khaittan who is the founder of Fittroop. With an experience of almost 10 years, she has specialisation in various workout regimes including that of functional training, Cardio, kickboxing, and more. Along with that she is also a blogger, an influencer, and of course a fitness coach. However, even with that in progress, her journey has motivated hundreds of people to start taking care of herself. Here is an exclusive interview of Arrti where in she talks to the team of Vaidyanath and tells them how wonderful and a ride it has been for her in starting her own business as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry which she thoroughly enjoys from the core of her heart. We are presenting some details which Arrti shared with the team of Vaidyanath

1) What is your name and profession?
My Name is Arrti Khaittan and I am a fitness professional I coach clients one to one and online.

2) What is your specialization?
I specialize in functional training and home-based customized workouts for females and have had more than a dozen transformations to my credit with no fancy gyms, supplements, and diets. I work mainly on the core goal of the client with the theory of correct nutrition- workout – rest and medical specifications.

3) Tell us about your education and family background.
Education has been a BA in psychology and hospitality management.
the family background being a joint family mainly into business with traditional thoughts about new age careers.

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4) How and why did you decide to come in health and wellness profession?
I decided to come into the profession as a backup plan, from being flab to fab and spending time at the gym was one of the fav things in my list and being an ex-actress in Tollywood the career option was an unstable one and having trained under a personal trainer the confidence and ambiance of gyms made me think that this industry can grow manifold and the idea of being fit while you teach is a novel idea for making a living, and I ended up doing a fitness certification course.

5) Who is the one person in your life who inspires you to grow in the industry.
The one person who inspires me to grow is definitely my mom as she is the one who first took me to enrol for a gym membership and in spite of not being related to anywhere near fitness, she encourages me to look my best and do well at each step.
apart from that many stalwarts of the industry like Mrs. Kalyani Kapadia is one of my inspiration being on the power list of the fitness industry I aim to be able to reach the heights as her.

6) How is your journey of your life in your professional career.
My journey has been fantastic and I feel very lucky to be a part of very many reputed organizations at an early stage of my career, I started out as an intern to being a floor trainer then a sales executive to being an asset manager to managing gyms as a branch manager I had the chance to learn and grow at every step with the support of some of the best teams that I have worked with.

7) What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional life?
well to be very frank the most challenging part for me has been heading an all-male team most of the time as we all know that this industry is mostly comprised of males. But this challenge has been exciting and supportive.

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8) What do you do to inspire today’s generation?
I see a lot of the young generation taking up the profession or the following fitness enthusiastically so to inspire them I advise them via mediums of social media and seminars which I often conduct to help them burst the myths related to fitness or even our industry so that they can create their identity with much ease.
I am glad that my social posts are often taken positively.

9) Who is your idol and whom do you consider as your motivation?
As mentioned even before my idol is my mother the epitome of strength who has supported me and made me this strong to be standing in an industry often looked upon as unsuitable for females, my motivation to work even harder and compete with my own self is got from a few sources: my own self-confidence, my fiancée who understands the demands of my work and schedule and is always standing behind me for support, my set of friends in the industry who have always supported me throughout any situation.

10) Do you have your website? If yes, what information or service do you provide.
No as of now I am working on my website which shall be ready soon and will be offering online training services, videos, blogs, and fit letter subscriptions.

11) According to you, what is the most challenging situation in health care sector nowadays?
the most challenging part of the health care sector now is the overload of health supplements which often lead to lots of misconceptions and confusion among youth, too much info often not authenticated circling in social media which leads to complications for the clients and the loss of genuinely among trainers.

12) What is your plan in next 5 years?
in the next 5 years I see myself as maybe running my own gym and academy with the best possible career growth opportunities laid down for the next gen.

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13) What do you want to say about the current healthcare situation in the country and what do you suggest to improve them?
I see that the current healthcare sector has improved a lot and getting tests and blood work done at the comfort of our homes is now easy and comfortable.
to improve it much more the use of correct knowledge and technology together is important.
but the above is still limited to the urban sector the awareness and accessibility need to reach the rural sector so as to have better health facilities not only in schemes but in reality.

14) Any awards which you have received?
well I still have a long way to go for this as I am still a learner but yes I have been lucky to have been awarded by Body power India as the ”Best Senior Ambassador in 2017 and 2018 for my contribution to building the team of fitness enthusiasts in Mumbai and West India and very recently last month at the Boss Classic Bodybuilding and Physique Championship for my contribution in the industry and for the event organisation.

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