Take a look at all the health precautions you must consider for Holi


Here is a little something about the festival of colors

Holi, the festival of colors is widely known everywhere in the country as per varied ancient beliefs pertinent to totally different regions. The competition signifies the arrival of spring, the triumph of excellent over evil; a festive day to forget and forgive, to repair burst relationships. Families and friends get along on the day of Holi, prepare and luxuriate in delicious dishes, have a good time throwing colors at each other. While within the past, natural colors such as turmeric, sandalwood paste, extracts of flowers and leaves were used; with the rarity of spring blossoming trees, synthetic dyes have taken their place which has led to harmful effects on the skin, eyes, on inhalation etc.

With Associate in Nursing awareness spreading around the world, several organizations like CLEAN India campaign, campaigns by Society for kid Development area unit promoting successful natural dyes

Holi 2019: Precautions to take pre and post Holi celebration, to avoid health issues

As the festival of colors surrounds everyone, you cannot escape the water balloons, gulal, and colors from the loved ones and even from the people you aren’t familiar with, because it’s eventually Holi at last.

But with fun, comes the side effects which can hamper the party plans but only if you aren’t taking the proper measures.

Colors are good for playing during Holi and celebrating the festival through colors is the vital part but do you know that they are actually industrial chemicals being used. The green color is copper sulfate, silver color is aluminum bromide among others. These are already hazardous in nature and other elements like glass particles, mica dust is also added to give colors a shiny and polished look. The more harmful ones are liquid colors.

Precautions to be taken 24 hours prior to Holi celebration:

 Use organic colors or herbal colors instead of artificial ones and more preferably, make it at home.

 Colors can be made at home with the help of genda and tesu flowers, beetroot juice, tomato juice, and turmeric.

 Flour and rice are also used to make colors.

 Avoid using permanent colors and grease, and keep everything away from the eyes.

 Ahead of the colorful celebration, remember to oil up your body with coconut oil or olive oil. Hair must be massaged with mustard oil.

 To avoid colors getting inside the nails, you can paint them with dark colors.

 To safeguard your eyes, one must wear protective gears like sunglasses before playing Holi.

Precautions to be taken post-Holi celebration:

 While removing colors, you must remember not to scratch or scrub rather stand under running water for around 15 minutes.

 Soap must be avoided, instead of homemade Ubtan, liquid soaps should be used.

 Colors can be also removed with a mixture of lemon juice, curd, sandalwood, turmeric.

 The mixture can also be used to cleanse the face, after cleaning it with olive oil and cotton.

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