Top Skin Care Tips for Holi Lovers


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Holi is the most colorful and vibrant festival in the world. Traditionally, it was celebrated with dry colors, commonly known as gulal, and buckets full of water. But with the passage of time, holi comes with plashes of synthetic pigments and chemical colors. Such chemical and pigments adversely affect the body and cause discomfort to our hairs, skin, eyes and health as well.

Here is the list of some skin care tips given by dermatologist that should keep in mind while celebrating it. Check out below!

  1. Pre holi skin care tips: Before stepping out for playing holi, make sure to protect your skin with the products the least affect your skin. It is important to guard the skin with oil, lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen or any other beauty products as it will be exposed to the other outer factors.

  2. Protect yourself from the sun: Your skin can be damaged by dust, heat, colors, and sun; so it is must to apply a moisturizing lotion or any other sunscreen with SPF 50. After this massage your face and neck with few drops of olive oil. Use a tissue to blot excessive oil that has not absorbed into the face.

  3. Apply lotion before playing Holi: Before getting out slather your face, neck, hands and legs either with coconut oil or with rich moisturizing lotion. After this, massage your body well so that all the moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin. It will make easy for you to remove the color later. This thin covering of oil and lotion will act as a vein between the colors and your skin.

  4. Cover up: Make sure to cover your entire body with full cloths. Choose kurta, tee, top and shirts of the full sleeve and full length joggers or salwar. These will not only protect your skin from getting harsh; but will also protect your skin from sun exposure. Prefer to wear dark color as it will restrain colors to come on your skin.

  5. Wear cotton cloths: Try to choose soft and comfortable attire of breathable fabric such as cotton. Tight and synthetic cloths may cause allergic reaction and rashes when they come in contact with water and colors. The best thing about cotton fabric is that it gets dry quickly and allows your skin to breath.

  6. Make your nails ready: Do not neglect your nails. Make them prepare too for Holi. Care for nails is very important as the colors will get settle in your nails, it can cause stomach infection when you eat with your hands. To avoid damage, paint your nails with the nail polish of dark color. Keep them short and massage over them with olive oil. It will act as a shield and will not allow letting them stain.

  7. Stay hydrated: Dehydrated skin get sunburn and becomes dry easily. When dehydrated skin gets interacted with colors, it appears dull and lifeless. To avoid such things, keep drinking plenty of water. You can also have fruit juice or glucose as an alternative. This will remove the dullness and puffiness from your face and will make it glow.

  8. Lips, ears and eyes are also important: Do not forget your lips, eyes and ears. Holi colors get settle around your ears, eyes and into the lips cracks easily. Apply lotion or petroleum jelly on the eyelids and under the eyes, on lips and ears. But be careful while applying so that it could not go inside it.

  9. Face masks: No more chemicals on the skin. Try to make use of natural things for making your skin flawless. Make a face pack with natural ingredients. Use honey and curd to apply liberally on the face and neck. Let it dry for ten minutes and then remove it with Luke warm water. Honey contains the best anti bacterial properties that will help to remove impurities from the skin. And curd act as a bleaching agent and also provides relief to the skin. Another face pack can be prepared with papaya and olive oil. It is also a nourishing mask. It works best on irritated skin and rashes. Take ripe papaya and mash it well. Add a few drops of olive oil with it and massage it well on your face, neck, hands, and skin. Apply it for ten minutes and then gently wash off with Luke warm water. You will feel refreshing and your skin will get moisturize.

  10. Avoid makeup: it is best to avoid makeup as your skin has been exposed to colors all day. The cosmetic products contain high chemicals and react when it comes into contact. It may also cause allergy and reaction to your skin. You can use tinted and a light moisturizer or compact powder or any BB cream. Heavy foundation is not good for your skin. Use mild and soft things.

  11. Sunscreen is must: Make sure to apply sunscreen on your skin. It will help to prevent the skin from getting more damage. When the holi colors interact with UV rays, it may cause skin allergy, reaction, rashes, and irritation. Prefer to use SPF 50.

  12. Ice works best on skin: Ice cubes help the skin to get smooth and soft. It works best for shining the pores and provides relief from irritation and sunburn.

  13. Say no to salon treatment: Salon is good to go just after holy. If you are planning to have shaving, waxing, and threading, then put them on hold for a week. It may cause more damage to your skin and create irritation and allergy.

Follow these tips and enjoy this holi with any fear!

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