Exclusive Interview Of Richa Bhasin- Chairman of Aashit Charitable Trust


Obesity is the biggest challenge for everyone in today’s era. It gives rise to an excessive amount of fat in the body. Obesity is diagnosed with the body mass index. When the BMI, i.e., body mass index gets more than 30, then it leads to obesity. There is a sudden rise in severe illness and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder diseases, hypertension, liver illness, osteoarthritis, erectile dysfunction, gynecological problems, sexual health issues, cardiovascular problems, and high cholesterol in the blood, behavioral problems, and several other health issues. Not only in adults, but these diseases are widely found in younger people too.It had trap people of all age, caste and status.

Nutritionists and dietitian usually take obesity as the prime cause for every illness and disease. Obesity increases the risk of heart strokes and heart attacks. The chief reasons that had evoked this problem are an unhealthy diet, improper lifestyle, no physical activity, genetic issue, pregnancy, sleeping disorder, medical problems or a certain medication like diabetes medications, antidepressants, anti psychotic medications, anti-seizure medications, beta blockers, or steroids. People who quit smoke may also gain weight after quitting.

You should not take obesity leniently. It is a huge problem, a severe disease, and the biggest challenge for everyone. Consulting a dietitian or a nutritionist is very important.

We understand… to search the best nutritionist is quite a big task. And getting time from the daily scheduled life is impossible. But we had made it easier for you. Our team had conducted an interview with the most renowned nutritionist and dietitian, Richa Bhasin.

With the experience of more than ten years, she is working in NCR region for health, fitness, and well-being communities. Richa is also the chairperson of Aashit Charitable Trust. She had worked with the most reputed MNC including Amway and VLCC. With the team of Vaidyanath, Richa had discussed had most of her patients are suffering from obesity. This problem had turned into a challenge for today’s generation as everyone is in its clutch. Reducing weight will help in preventing many diseases and it will also make you fit and active. Apart from this, she also guides those who want to gain weight.

Not only this, but much more Rich had shared with us… To know more, scroll down!


1. Introduce yourself with your name and profession?
Dietician Richa Bhasin (chairman Aashit charitable trust) with experience of 10years with well known MNC companies like VLCC, Amway. Currently I am working for community health and well being in NCR region with my camp on food for life. I believes that food is a common need of human body and not easy for everyone to earn it certainly most of us do wastage of food in parties and weddings why not to help people who needs it. Mission food for life of Aashit charitable trust is a connection between contributor and poor urban peoples.

2. What is your specialization?
a. Nutrition in health and disease.
b. Weight loss, weight gain
c. Bone health
d. Diabetic ,hypertension management
e. Strengthen immune system, boost energy and children health.

3. Tell us about your education and family background?
I have done masters in food and nutrition, done nutrition education in bone health, course in Reiki healing (first degree). There are 6 members in my family. My father name is Anil Sharma he is retired senior export executive worked with Modi Tyres ltd. Now a days he is a part time Insurance advisor. My mother Hema Sharma is a homemaker. My sister Anshika Devgan is a Mechanical Engineer working with an MNC in Amsterdam (Netherland). My brother Anirudh Devgan pursuing C.A final year. My husband Mohit Bhasin is working with MODICARE LTD. As Regional Manager Operations. My son Rithvik Bhasin is studying in Nursery.

4. How and why did you decide to come in health and wellness profession?
The ability to make a difference in people’s lives.no other profession will provide the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life the way a job in healthcare can. Your work will impact individuals, families and sometimes communities because you will be assisting healthcare practitioners with treating diseases and ailments and play an important part in the patient’s well being.

5. Who is the person in your life who inspires you to grow in industry?
I am not inspired by particular individual. Inspiration comes from different people. Like I am inspired by my mom how to be honest and inspired by my father that he taught me how to handle the situations in tough time because we cannot get comfortable all the time and also inspired by my own life because success and failure both are the part of life.

6. How is the journey of your life in your professional career?
For me it’s my passion that leads me to this profession. For me it’s helping better people’s lives through nutrition.my personal illness inspired me to learn everything I could about prevention. On that journey I discovered the importance of nutrition and lifestyle choices and a career.

7. What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional life?
Life is full of challenges but personally for me the most challenging is to reach out to all underprivileged as inside out I feel I wanted to help maximum underprivileged in NCR region but reaching all is challenging.

8. What do you do to inspires today’s generation?
Inspiration is a motivation to reach our goal and get clear vision of life. I conduct awareness programs and share my personal and professional experiences with students.

9. Who is your idol and whom do you consider your motivation?
My family are my great motivator. They always stood my side, and keep telling me that just focus on your goal not anything else. I don’t have an idol and no it’s not weird. I don’t look up to anyone, I have my own view of who I want to and be what I want to be.

10. Do you have your website? If yes what information or service do you provide?
I am having social media and google search account. ([email protected])

11. What is your plan in the next 5 years?
I want to see myself as a person with leadership and managerial qualities handling a team in my own diet clinic simultaneously I want my charitable trust to grow as much and achieve new heights and keep helping the underprivileged peoples.

12. According to you what is the most challenging situation in the health care sector now a days?
Awareness about healthcare is the key to improve healthcare in India. The problems India facing today in healthcare are: lack of infrastructure, inefficient workforce- we need to improve an efficient check on working of medical officers and the auxiliary staff. Awareness of the people- a lot of primary health problems can be solved if we provide effective training and the knowledge to the local population.

13. What do you want to say about the current healthcare situation in the country and what do you suggest to improve them?
India has a vast health care system, but there remain many differences in quality between rural and urban areas as well as between public and private healthcare. Government should take some steps to improve the healthcare system – more funding on medical and nursing colleges and technical training centers would help increase the existing number of seats or open new colleges in more locations this would produce more number of skilled medical manpower to cater to huge demand of our population.

— Higher wages and better living conditions in smaller towns and villages will enable medical staff and doctors to be able work there

—higher wages would attract the skilled doctors and manpower to stay in India.

14. Any awards which you have received?
a. Awarded as best performer in slimming department (VLCC) in 2009 by Vandana Luthra
b. Awarded as best performer in healthcare by fit foodies mantra in 2016.
c. Awarded as first rank in Rising Star award 2018.
d. Awarded as nutrition brand ambassador by NNHSA in 2018
e. Awarded by social activist award by RBM News in 20019.


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