Exclusive interview of Amandeep Soni- Founder of SINGH NUTRI DIET


Health is the most precious gift of God. To keep the mind clear and strong, it is our duty to keep the body in good health. Improper lifestyle and an unhealthy diet are the only two reasons that make a person unfit and unhealthy. For living a healthy and happy life, you need to make certain changes in your regular routine. Go for the things that support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Practice exercise daily, add a fat-free meal in your diet, and make sure to have a proper nap and most important thing; drink plenty and plenty of water.

Well, no one has enough time to follow these steps, but of course, there is someone who can make things easier for you, Dietitian. Yeah!

We had come up with an interview of the famous dietitian and fitness expert, Amandeep Soni. He is specialized in this field with the experience of several years.

Mr. Soni helps his clients and patients in their dieting schedule. And teach them the tricks of being healthy and fit. Amandeep Soni talks with the team of Vaidyanath and decided to share his fitness mantra and diet chart with our readers.

Introduce yourself with your name and profession?

I am Amandeep Soni, a dietitian by profession. 

What is your specialization?

I have specialization in Nutrition & Food Science, Sports Nutrition, Certified Fitness Expert

Tell us about your education and family background.

Well, I did my MBA then after that I pursued Dual Diploma in Food and Nutrition, Post Graduate Diploma in Food and Nutrition, Sports Nutritionist certified, certified personal trainer, Certified Nutrigenomic Counsellor, Clinical Nutrition certified and many more certifications. Still pursuing international certification.  I am running my own company by the name of Singh Nutri Diet. I use to work for Healthkart as a Nutrition Counsellor and also worked with Doctor Clinics.

My family is from government sector service class.

How and why did you decide to come in health and wellness profession?

There is a small story behind this. I use to be obese a few years back. Then I started with the gym, slowly and gradually fitness became my passion. Then I started with courses and certifications to get a deep knowledge about food, nutrition, anatomy. Then after completing my studies, I joined Healthkart Company. Then, later on, I came up with my own brand by the name SINGH NUTRI DIET with a vision to flash hope in people to change their lifestyle to lead a healthy life free of diseases through our wholesome nutrition practices, education & research.


Who is the one person in your life who inspires you to grow in the industry?

My father. He is my idol as he always supported me in everything. He is my real inspiration.

How is the journey of your life in your professional career?

The journey was very tough. As I started my career in Finance domain then shifted and devoted many years to the food and nutrition field. Now with God’s grace, I am being helpful for changing the lifestyle of many. 

What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional life?

The most challenging situation what I feel and actually faced is to change the lifestyle of people. Sometimes people become so adamant that they do not want to adopt a few changes in their lifestyles and it requires a lot of hard work and motivation to change someone’s lifestyle or dietary patterns.  

What do you do to inspire today’s generation?

I keep them motivating and try to seek people who need assistance and make their life better, try to emit beautiful positive vibes & help them to adopt a healthy lifestyle 

Who is your idol and whom do you consider as your motivation?

My father is my idol and he is my motivation and will be my motivation always.

Do you have your website? If yes, what information or service do you provide?

Yes, I do have a website www.singhnutridiet.com.

We offer a healthy & balanced diet counseling online/offline for:

Weight loss, diabetes management, weight management, therapeutic diet, sports nutrition & daily essential, kids’ nutrition & many more  

What is your plan in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, (We as a team) will try to flash hope in people to change their lifestyle &  lead a healthy life free of diseases through our wholesome nutrition practices, education & research 

According to you, what is the most challenging situation in the health care sector nowadays?

The most challenging situation in the health care sector nowadays is people became so busy & adamant that they don’t want to adopt healthy lifestyle indeed they want the result in terms of weight management in a short period of time.


Nowadays building a preventive mindset across the population, the mind-body connection has become really difficult 

What do you want to say about the current healthcare situation in the country and what do you suggest to improve them?


India has a vast health care system, but there remain many differences in quality between rural and urban areas as well as between public and private health care. Despite this, India is a popular destination for medical tourists, given the relatively low costs and high quality of its private hospitals. 

The Indian healthcare sector needs to reshape the paradigm of care and create an environment of regular introspection to achieve the goal of Healthy India. To undertake this journey, we need to redefine the health system and clearly lay out the preferred path for several key aspects, including insurance coverage, adherence to treatment and care protocols, regulations, price control, payment models, technology adoption and ethics.

Any awards which you have received?

Yes, I have been honored by The lions Empire Sports club to SINGH NUTRI DIET for sponsoring LIONS EMPIRE CLASSIC 2018 in which the world’s top international players been invited in that event.


How can people reach you in case they want any assistance?

I am very active in my communication channels. Anybody can reach me through my social media. Below are my social media handles, website, and email id.

Facebook: – Singh Nutri Diet

Instagram: – singh_nutri_diet  

Official website: – www.singhnutridiet.com

Official Mail id: – [email protected]


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