How Does Alcohol Ruin Your Diet?


Is your daily peg destroying your diet? According to research and reports, it is proven that alcohol completely affects your diet, even the best-intended one.

How alcohol destroys your diet?

  • Alcohol and appetite: Drinking alcohol create a negative impact on the chemicals of the brain. Drinking regular alcohol harms your body gradually. It is a matter of proven fact that alcohol intake is made along with various snacks and intakes of carbohydrate and oily products which results in messing up of your diet
  • It slows the metabolism: If research is to be believed drinking destroys your ability to burn our fat and therefore it gradually slows your metabolism by more than fifty percent. While drinking generally a person focuses on drinking and ignores all those food items like burger, pizzas and cheese nuggets which are a common intake for a person while in consumption of alcohol or beer.


  • Skipping Dinner: Many alcohol lovers generally tend to be some much involved in drinking that they avoid the regular dinner or intakes of lean and proteins along with a can of beer or pegs of alcohols thereby burring their health.


  • Cost of Alcohol: A person in love with Alcohol might not become aware of the fact that a glass of alcohol or a can of beer or a glass of wine can contain almost two hundred calories per glass. And dude we are talking about alcohol lovers so no one of these persons consumes less than three to four glasses which means on an average eight hundred calories. Quite a bit. Is it?


  • Additional Mixes in calories: People tend to forget easily particularly when consumption of alcohol is involved. It is possible that you can easily drink an excessive amount of calories, may be in excess of your meal. It’s not only the intake of the liquor alone, but a mix of sugary, juice and soda also along with consumption of alcohol which can easily add extra calories per intakes.


  • Control of emotions: Another basic and practical truth is that apart from alcohol containing tons of hidden calories, consumption of alcohol will also test one’s self-control. More than half of the persons will not turn down any offer of sweets, food items a piece of cake or after intakes of a few jugs of beer? After all, drinking is unique in the sense that it requires energy.


  • Hangover Temptation: It is actually a humorous truth that the sins of drinking never end even if the celebrating ends. In fact, it can continue to almost twenty –hours after the end of celebrations. It is very often that if a person suffers a hangover after that it can generally lead to. Resting a day at home which eventually leads to dehydration, and no exercises and a day of resulting into a bad stomach.


  • Affects the judgment of Food: A diabetic person when in effect of Alcohol does not keep good with his health and therefore sometimes increases the intake of such food items having high intensity of sugar which may in turn cause damage to the organs of the body.


Alcohol affects digestion and nutrient intake

Intake of alcoholic beverages can result in an improper digestive function. Alcohol can cause harsh stress on the stomach. This can result in reduce digestive emission Alcohol intake at all levels can lead to impaired digestion and absorption of these nutrients. This can conclusively and largely affect the internal organs that play a key role in weight management of a person.


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