Wonders of Jackfruit That World Do Not Know


Miracle Fruit! Yeah. Jackfruit is a huge and exotic fruit which thrives abundantly mainly in tropical countries like South India, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. The scientific name of this fruit is Artocarpus heterophyllous. It is considered as the largest fruit on the planet having the weight of 35 kilograms and grow about 35 inches long. Jackfruit usually belongs to the species of breadfruit. It varies in shape and turns to yellow-green from green color and releases a sweet smell when it gets ripe.

Jackfruit can be consumed on its own or in various dishes. It is extremely versatile as a food. A great number of growth in western countries is choosing jackfruit over other sweet fruits as it is a plethora of nutrients and health benefits.

Nutritional facts of Jackfruit (per 100 grams)





19 grams


0.64 grams

Dietary Fiber

1.5 grams


1.72 grams

Vitamin A

5 μg

1 percent


0.105 mg

9 percent


0.92 mg

6 percent


0.055 mg

5 percent


95 calories

Pantothenic Acid

0.235 mg

5 percent


24 μg

6 percent

Vitamin B6

0.329 mg

25 percent

Vitamin C

13.8 mg

17 percent

Vitamin E

0.34 mg

2 percent


24 mg

2 percent


0.23 mg

2 percent


29 mg

8 percent


21 mg

3 percent


448 mg

10 percent


0.13 mg

1 percent


Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is known for its unique and rich components that make it capable of healing, curing, and preventing and protect various kinds of health issues and diseases. It is highly nutritious and beneficial for health ranging from cancer to weight loss to the immune system and much more.

Jackfruit boosts the immune system

It consists of a high quantity of antioxidants which is helpful in fighting against early signs of aging. Jackfruit also strengthens the immune system and prevent diseases and infections like flu, cough, cold, runny nose and many others. This fruit is loaded with natural antioxidant Vitamin C that works against free radicals and repairs the cells.

It improves energy levels

Jackfruit is the best energy booster especially for those who are weight conscious. It contains a substantial amount of carbohydrates that act as the prompt energy supplier without any fat. Jackfruit is an ideal source of fructose and sucrose which make it easy t digest in the body. Even diabetic patients can enjoy this fruit freely without any fear of hyperglycemia. The content of sugar which jackfruit has comes under the category of Slowly Available Glucose, SAG. This helps to release glucose in a slow and steadily pulsatile manner and decreases the glycemic index of Jackfruit.

Beneficial for the cardiovascular system

Potassium is the key nutrient that is beneficial for promoting cardiovascular health and Jackfruit is an ideal source of potassium. It maintains blood pressure and makes the vessel flexible. Jackfruit is capable of providing 10 percent of potassium of your daily need.

It prevents anemia and increases the red blood cells count

The high amount of iron content on the jackfruit makes the body able to fight against the deficiency of red blood cells. The ample quantity of vitamin C makes the body to absorb more iron. Not only, Vitamin C and iron, but it also contains magnesium and copper that helps in the formation of blood cells.

Jackfruit improves digestion

Jackfruit helps to improve the digestive function of the body. It possesses high dietary fiber that prevents constipation and hemorrhoids.

Protects eyes

A high content of carotenoid antioxidants and vitamin A in Jackfruit is essential for the growth of healthy eyes. It prevents the integrity of the optic nerve and retina.

Prevent colon cancer

Jackfruit consists of two kinds of fiber; Soluble and Insoluble. The insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool by going through a gastrointestinal tract that will make you excrete easily. It also lessens the time that spends in contraction of colon walls.

Jackfruit reduces the symptoms of asthma

Asthma has probably no cure. It is the most severe respiratory problem which is affecting many people ranging from infant to old age. When a person has a weak or sensitive immune system the air-debris and pollutants directly trigger this problem. Jackfruit works as a blessing for asthma patients. It not only boosts your immune system but also inhaling the steam of this boiled fruit will cure the symptoms of asthma.

It has high properties of anti-aging

Aging is unstoppable but it can be slowed down. The increasing pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays and improper routine give rise to early signs of aging. Jackfruit is rich in antioxidants and destroys the free radicals and heals the cells. Moreover, it contains a high amount of water that keeps you hydrated all day long and nourishes your skin. The high water content makes your skin glow, feel supple and reduces dryness.

Promotes Bone Health

Jackfruit contains an abundant quantity of potassium and calcium which reduces the chance of loss of calcium through the kidney. Calcium is considered the prime source for making the bones strong and hiking its density and reduces the risk of osteoporotic complications. Jackfruit also prevents other bone diseases, rickets, and osteoporosis.

Increases sperm count

Not only the fruit, but the seeds of jackfruit are also edible. You can roast or toast them and add them to the varieties of dishes and cuisines. The seeds of jackfruit are an excellent source of iron, potassium, calcium, and protein. The regular or frequent consumption of ripe jackfruit seeds will boost the libido and help erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It will also help in improving the sperm count and enhance the quality of semen.

Keeps thyroid healthy

Copper is important for thyroid metabolism. It helps in the formation, production, and absorption of hormones. Jackfruit is loaded with micro minerals that are capable of keeping the metabolism rate balanced.

Jackfruit is an excellent fruit highly loaded with all essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help in the proper functioning of the body. It works like a miracle on several infections and diseases. The regular or frequent consumption of jackfruit will boost the immune system and shield the body to fight against diseases such as influenza, flu, cold, cough, runny nose, asthma, and others. It contains culinary versatility. It would not be wrong to call Jackfruit a “Miracle Fruit”.

Add this fruit in your regular meal freely; without any fear of health disease!

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