How to Sleep Early and Faster?


Hey, Night Owls! You must have tried hard to sleep early and wake up early but you always fail and still you try to do the same. You have tried everything to sleep early and faster. From counting sheep for sleep to reading books before the bedtime, everything. Nothing works! In fact, the question remains the same, how to sleep early and faster?

Sleeping late at night and wake up early for your office or other essential works make your life difficult that make you feel tired, lazy and sometimes give you a headache too. Not having enough sleep can cause low energy, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

A right sleeping schedule can help you to get rid of health problems like low on energy or weakness, fatigue, headache, body pain, anxiety, and insomnia, etc. You are getting enough sleep or not, can be tracked by some mobile apps that monitor your sleep.

Here I have some suggestions you can try before bedtime, to sleep early and faster.

Create a sleeping environment

  • Keep your devices away

You force yourself to make a habit to keep your devices next to you in bed. You keep checking your messages in every 10 seconds which is quite enough to keep you awake. It’s really very important to keep your phone away from you to sleep early. Even if you want to charge your device, it’s better to use the socket which is away from your bed.

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  • Make the environment peaceful

Can you sleep in a noisy place? Obviously not! Everybody needs a peaceful environment to sleep. Keep the things out of your room which makes you awake. If you are getting disturbed by someone else, ask them not to make any noise.

  • Make a balanced temperature

You cannot sleep if it’s too hot or too cold. A balanced temperature of a room is a must to make you fall asleep. Adjust the temperature of your room according to your comfort. Make your room a bit cooler than room temperature.

  • A low volume of soft music can help

Okay, I advised you to make a peaceful environment to sleep early. But listening to soft and pleasant music could do the trick. Do not play the music in high volume, play it in low volume.  Make sure, you use good quality speakers instead of headphones. This is because if you fall asleep, headphones will tangle around your head and neck. Resulting, interrupted sleep!

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Relax before going to bed

  • Counting sheep for sleep

Yes, this trick actually works. If you are not feeling sleepy, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly while counting sheep for sleep. This trick will calm down your nerves and raised heartbeats. A calm mind will help you to sleep early and faster.

  • Bathing before bedtime

Water has relaxing properties. Taking a hot water bath before going to bed will relax your body and mind. Cold water or normal temperature water will not work. Make sure, the water is hot for better results. Do not hurry, enjoy the bath at least for 20-30 minutes.

  • Read before you sleep

Reading is a good exercise for mental health. It reduces the stress level and helps you to sleep early and faster. If you are not feeling sleepy then it’s better to read a book. I don’t recommend you to choose an interesting one because interesting things will never help you to sleep early. Go to your book section and pick an uninteresting book so that it will make your eyes heavy and help you to sleep early.

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  • Make habit of writing

We all have grown up by hearing, “make your books your best friend” but never believed and just ignored. But actually, we really need to do this. When no one listens to you, your diary does. If you have something that you cannot or don’t want to tell anybody, write it down on your diary before you sleep. By this way, you will not only feel sleepy but also will feel relaxed. Add it to your habit!

Make a routine to sleep early

  • Early to bed and early to rise

To get rid of anxiety and insomnia a regular routine is a must. Sleeping and rising timings really matter. At what time you are going to bed and what time you are leaving it, can decide your lifestyle. Free yourself from all the tasks as early as you can. Set an alarm for the time when you want to get up. As mentioned earlier, you can use some mobile apps that monitor your sleep.

  • Try not to take long naps in the daytime

Nap is the most appealing thing for a tired person in the daytime. But long naps can jumble your sleeping schedule and won’t let you sleep early at night. I know it’s really hard to control your nap when you are tired. Find some other ways to freshen up yourself. Peaceful music, swimming, sunbath- these things can help you to re-energize yourself without taking any nap. But still if you’re exhausted, you can incorporate power nap in your schedule but it should not be more than 15-20 minutes.

  • Eat dinner light and early

Heavy dinner is hard to digest, which can create major health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, and indigestion. Indigestion troubles your sleep as well. I bet, you cannot sleep if you are bloating every minute. It’s better to have a light dinner. Make sure you have your dinner at least 2 hours before the bedtime to stay healthy.

Skipping your sleep will not only make you feel tired and fatigue but also can make you suffer from anxiety and insomnia. These little tricks will make you an early bird from a night owl and will improve your lifestyle for sure.

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