Benefits of Eating Garlic Empty Stomach


While consulting a doctor a diabetic person was advised to place a garlic clove between two teeth, bite a little to release its extracts and then swallow whole with water in order to maintain his blood sugar. Surprised? Isn’t it

If we talk about any natural antibiotic, Garlic serves our purpose at all costs. There may be slightly different arguments and opinions on the topics of eating garlic on an empty stomach. But in the end, you cannot ignore the fact that its benefits are never-ending. One can opine that due to the modern doctor prescribed medicines of today’s era garlic may have lost its effect at some level but there are many presents in the world which have benefitted a lot from it. Garlic if taken on an empty stomach is very effective and efficient for preventing and curing various diseases. It serves as a natural antibiotic and has the best effect if it is taken and eaten before breakfast because it is generally believed that

Natural Antibiotic

Various researches have shown that garlic if eaten on an empty stomach acts as a powerful antibiotic. It is more effective when you eat it before breakfast because bacteria is exposed and fails to resist and maintain its power. It may sound somewhat strange in the first instance but you will actually and eventually help yourself in strengthening and healing yourself by doing that. People who have difficulty in choking down raw garlic in the morning; may take it as either roasted garlic or garlic supplements. But should not avoid taking it.  In fact, if studies are to be believed coated capsules of garlic can be taken and swallowed down with a glass of water as it is believed that they work best as they tend to better in the intestines rather than in the stomach.

When you intake garlic right after you open your eyes in the morning you will experience various   changes which will start happening with your internal body and generally help your body overcome the following issues:

  • It may reduce the problem of Blood Pressure: Eating raw garlic may reduce hypertension and may overcome the potential risk of developing various blood clots in your body. Garlic as per various studies also acts as a natural blood thinner which makes it comfortable for the heart to pump blood in a far better way.
  • It Helps Prevent the possibility of Heart diseases: Garlic may also prevent heart diseases by lowering and reducing the development of diabetes’s and attacks, which may further result in the development of serious diseases.
  • It Stabilizes Blood Sugar levels in the body: Various researches have shown that garlic increases the amount of insulin level in the body thereby negating the effect of blood sugar in the body thereby regulating the amount of glucose in the blood.
  • It Generates Immunity: Garlic is superb in boosting your immunity system because it is filled with nutrients like potassium and Vitamins etc. If you by any means ever get an infection if you try to take some garlic and can yourself notice the change and improvement. Garlic can prove to be of great help in reducing the seriousness of various symptoms associated with the flu and common cold.
  • It May Help Prevent serious diseases like Cancer: According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Garlic is being recognized as the having potentials which have anticancer properties. However, more reliable studies are required to determine how and why this has been said.

In addition to these, taking Garlic empty stomach may also help your body to absorb various minerals, improve your impotency, prevent you from yeast infections, protect you against serious diseases, clean and reduce your fatty build up in the liver which is a general problem in today’s time. It acts as a natural antibiotic.

Further to this, Garlic is also considered to be one of the most powerful foods and antibiotic which help in detoxifying the body. It is extremely useful in getting rid of Tuberculosis.

Another important benefit derived from various specialists is that it protects the skin from free radicals by slowing down the reduction in the quantity of collagen which leads to loss of shape in aging skin. If applied in the body with caution, garlic can do wonders to your skin which may be infected with fungal infections and may provide relief from various skin diseases. It is also an effective remedy for infections like athlete’s foot and ringworms. All of us must be aware of the fascinating work of onion for hair but on the contrary, garlic is no less of a star for your thinning mane. Rubbing and crushing garlic extract on your scalp and face or massaging with garlic-infused oil may prevent your hair loss.

Warning: However it must be ensured that People who are allergic to garlic must take two very important things into consideration firstly being that you should not eat it raw, secondly if you get an allergy on your skin or an increase in temperature, or some headache then you should instantly stop the consumption of it. In addition to this some people may not bear the smell of garlic for them it is recommended that they can take it in the pill form. Asthma patients should also avoid the consumption of garlic as it may have plenty of side effects. Garlic should also be avoided before any surgeries. Further; Garlic should not be consumed more than two to three cloves.

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