Tips to Increase Breasts Size after Breastfeeding

Increase breasts Size

The breasts of every woman get easily increase to one or two cup sizes during her pregnancy time. But after the delivery, the added volume of their breasts shrinks and sometimes it reduces much smaller than they have before pregnancy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding make the breasts deflate, droopy, sage that loses their shape. Every lady loves to have a firm and perky pair of boobs. Here is good news for all Moms that it is possible to get sexy and well-shaped breasts back naturally and easily.

The team of Vaidyanath had come up with a list of few tips that may help you to increase the size of your breasts. Scroll down to know more…

Why do Breasts Sag?

New moms often experience droopy, deflate, saggy and lose breasts. It is caused at the end of pregnancy. The excess weight that women put on during the pregnancy for producing milk and enlarging the milk duct makes the boob looks large. And once the delivery has done they start shrinking. With the loss in body weight, breasts also reduce its size that makes them deflate, saggy and droopy.

The prime Causes of Sagging Breasts

  • Aging
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Large breast size
  • Weak muscles
  • Genetics

Tips to increase breast size after breastfeeding

There are multiple tips that will help you to increase the size of your breasts after breastfeeding.


When you take a shower, the temperature of the body gets change. Take an alternate shower. But it does not mean to have a shower in every alternate day. However, it refers to showering alternative with hot water and cold water. The alternate shower is proven to be the simplest and easiest way to enhance the tone and strength of the breasts and infuse them with life. This technique is used by most of the women. Whenever they feel that the breasts are sagging, they take an alternate shower with hot water and cold water. This stimulates the blood circulation all over the body, especially in the breasts. Alternate shower helps in making your breasts stay firm and perk up.


The most widely opted method is to use natural creams and its supplements. Creams which are made from palmetto and fenugreek contain effective and interesting properties that enhance the muscle and skin tissues. Regular application of these creams helps to tighten the skin and provide a smooth and non-sagging texture.

Masks for breasts

Breast masks are easily available in pharmacies and chemist shops. Though such masks are highly costly they are very effective. Use it twice a week and it will help a lot in reducing the sagging of the breasts.

Breast Massage

Breastfeeding offers high stimulation to your boobs. Breast massage is a good option to choose for making the breasts firm and strong. It will make the breasts to stimulate more from all the directions which will result in proper circulation of blood flow and make it revitalize by its own. Breasts massage also help the breast tissue to repair and grow more actively. Moreover, make more use of almond oil or olive oil. It will reduce the sagging breasts and enhance strength in the muscles.

Proper pumping

The more you stretched, the more milk you express, and the more will arrive! Yes… It’s true. However, certain breastfeeding consultants do not recommend expressing the milk when the baby is feeding, as it will reduce the stimulation of hyperlactation. But, if you experience that your breast is full, or leaking; then you may express a little milk. Do this with high care as it may stretch or deform your skin.

A healthy and nutritional diet

Healthy and nutrient diet contribute a lot in developing a healthy body. Breastfeeding mothers should take extra care of their diet. It is must to include Vitamin B and Vitamin E in their meal as they improve the tone and enhances the smoothness of the skin. A nutritious diet will make the skin supple and enhance the muscle tone. It also combats the elastic by tightening the skin.

Practising exercise

Practising the correct exercise is the simplest and easiest way to get your breasts in shape naturally. It is quite not possible to shape the boobs directly as they are just the simple layers of fat. However, various muscles underneath the breasts and hold them properly in the right posture. For reducing sagging breasts, you must try those exercises that mainly focus on the core and chest area. Dem bells, push-ups, pullovers, and chest press is the best exercises that prove to be effective for reducing weight and enhance the strength level. If you want you can consult a gym trainer or your doctor before starting it.

Right position

From getting rid of sagging breasts, a little change is required in your lifestyle. Try to hold yourself properly in the right posture from the beginning of the initial stage. Moreover, when you hold your baby constantly for feeding him; there is a bit change in your posture. You may slightly bend forward. Try to correct your posture of holding your child and feeding technique. You should walk straightly with your breasts firmly.

Wear proper bra

Sagging breasts is the main issue that every woman feel bad for. You may get back into your shape by using the right bra. Try to replace your older bras with the new one. If possible, go to sports bras. They will provide you with the best comfort and proper support that will help your breasts a lot in getting back into the shape.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is the last option when nothing works! If none of the above remedies proves to be effective and your boobs remain saggy then you may choose the radical correction after breastfeeding. However, you need to have a preliminary consultation of any reputed plastic surgeon; before going to have surgery. Well, you must choose this option only if you are damn serious about your boobs and want them to get back in shape and looks sexy! However, it is highly recommendable to shape your breasts through natural and manual means. But if you want, there is no harm in opting breast surgery. You should make sure to have a good breast surgeon who has proven records of shaping the breasts properly.


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However, there is no need to get worried about your breast shape. Motherhood is the most beautiful and gorgeous phase of life. Enjoy this part at its best. Sagging boobs may get back into their shape with the passage of time. Once you get over with the breastfeeding, your boobs will gradually start recovering into its shape. It is not important to focus more on your shape, but stopping or restraining the feeding early and abruptly may cause harm to both, Mumma and baby.

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