Major Breast Change after Breastfeeding

increase breast size after breastfeeding

The most significant change that a woman experiences after or during her pregnancy is the change in her breasts. It is important to get aware of these changes. This will make you feel more confident and you will easily accept them. Changes in your breasts occur mainly due to an increase in hormones. However, the changes that a lady experience are mentioned below;

Increase in the size of the breast

The size of the breasts increases during pregnancy. This helps the baby to breastfeed easily after its birth. Breasts seem to be bigger after the delivery of the child. However, the diet of the nursing mother is also responsible for gaining body weight. Whenever a woman starts gaining weight, it will reflect in the size of her breasts firstly. Try to invest in a high-quality bra. It will provide you with high comfort and support the large breasts without any problem.

Bumpy nipples

Once you start feeding your baby, the areolas of the breast will start getting dark. There may sometimes the appearance of tiny spots around the areolas. Nipples help the child you latch the milk easily and develop a sense of perception. With the passage of time, you will get out of this breast change. The nipples will get in their original form within a few months.

Stretch marks on breasts

Belly, breast and the entire body increases a little bit during or after pregnancy. Mothers are well aware will stretch marks on the stomach but same on the breast are quite unnerving. Not every woman get marks on her breasts. Only those who have more flexible and elastic skin as compared to others. The skin gets relax more frequently and causes stretch marks on the breasts. However, most of the marks fade away with time or gets lighten; but some of the stretch marks require skin treatment. The best and only way to prevent stretch marks is to keep a regular check on your body weight. Include a healthy diet in your meal.

Asymmetrical breasts

Breast size is not always perfect. They are slightly lopsided if you had noticed. It is because of an unequal proportion of breast on either of its side. Moreover, change in hormones and its reaction to boobs is another factor that is considered causing a change in the breast. The growth or enlargement of the breast is normal and there is almost no known remedy that can prevent or restrain enlargement of the breast. However, wearing the bra of the right size can enhance their visual appearance.

Achy and engorged breasts

It is quite difficult for baby to latch on the breast as engorgement makes it hard and inconvenient for baby to grab with his mouth. Moreover, most women experience pain and ache on their breasts. This is due to the overfilling of milk on the breast. It makes them feel uncomfortable and puts stress on them causing ache. However, it also results in leakage of milk. You can get a quick relieve by pumping out the milk. It will also reduce pain. The alternate option for this is to use a frozen leaf of cabbage or an ice pack in the bra for minimizing the pain and numbing the sensation.

Clogged or blocked ducts

Milk ducts get clogged due to improper draining of milk. Sometimes, you get hard lumps on the breast and may feel sore and redness while touching. It is not harmful to the child as breast milk contains natural antibiotics. But you should apply warm compresses and massage your breast for proper stimulation of milk. Moreover, if you have a fever and feel pain, you must visit the doctor for better prescriptions. Another reason for clogged ducts is stress, anxiety and fear. Mothers should make sure that their baby latched the milk correctly. It will help to reduce irritation on the breasts. In addition to this, certain ointments and creams are available in the market that may soothe the nipples and are also safe for baby. However, wearing tight and hard nursing bra may also cause plugged or clogged ducts.

Cracked or sore nipples

Dry skin, latching issues, and pumping improperly give rise to cracked nipples. You may have bloody discharge at the beginning of breastfeeding; as your baby is learning to latch and pump. For this, you need to keep an eye on your child’s position. Make sure that the bottom part areola underneath the nipples must be in the child’s mouth. You should try nursing frequently or in the short interval; because the less baby will hungry, the more softly he sucks. Moreover, avoid using perfumes, lotions, alcohol, soaps, and medicines as they can crack your nipples and make them dry.


Mastitis is a bacterial infection in the breasts which is determined by the symptoms of flu such as pain in the breasts, feeling nausea, and having a fever. You may experience certain red spots and darker area around the areola. Mastis mainly caused by clogged ducts of milk, cracked and dry skin, and engorgement.


Abscess occurs after mastitis. The red spot turns to a lump of yellow colour and gets sore filled with pus. It is important to get the best treatment for mastitis. If you ignore, this infection can go in its worst situation. Abscess becomes unhygienic for the baby and painful for the mother. You need to have proper treatment of this infection. Visit the doctor and he will remove the swollen area and treat abscess surgically.

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