Effective Tips for Sound Sleep during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy


During pregnancy, your body needs a lot of care, love, concern and most importantly good sleep. Proper sleep is vital not only for the pregnant mothers but also for their babies too. Wrestling in the bed for trying to get relax and comfort before falling asleep is common during pregnancy. Your regular sleeping posture will not work during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Sleeping problems that every woman faces

Pregnancy is not smooth sailing, especially when it comes to the first time. There are several health issues that every woman needs to face during pregnancy.

  • The most common problem that occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy is the big growth of belly. This makes uncomfortable for women to sleep.
  • Backache is another common issue during pregnancy. The pressure on the lower back gets increases with the increase in the size of the stomach.
  • Yes! You snore a lot during the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • The most common complaint that every woman make during this stage is the restless leg syndrome. This cause an unusual sensation on the legs or some other parts of the body. Restless Leg syndrome will make you keep moving the legs that will be difficult for you to sleep.
  • Heartburn is also a factor that disturbs your sleeping cycle during the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Many women also experience nightmares and vivid dreams during this stage.
  • Shortness of breath.

Sleeping position for pregnant women

Sleeping is hard during the third trimester of pregnancy. Following are some sleeping positions that may help you while sleeping;

  • Try to sleep on the left of your side. It is considered as the best sleeping posture. It ensures proper flow of blow to your baby. Moreover, it also allows oxygen, essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other vital elements to reach the baby. However, if you are feeling relax and comfortable by sleeping on the right of our side, then it is also good.
  • Sleeping on your back! No… Avoid it. It is not the best option to choose from. Sleeping on your back will impede the flow of blood to the uterus as your baby is growing and gaining weight. It also restricts the supply of oxygen, essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other vital elements.
  • Moreover, you should also avoid sleeping on your stomach. It is harmful to you and for your baby as well.

Important tips to sleep during the third trimester of pregnancy

Tip #1

Drink more fluids and water. This will hydrate your body and make your immune system strong. But do remember not to drink excess fluid before bedtime. It will minimize the frequent nighttime urination.

Tip #2

Keep moving: Keep walking even if you are not willing to. These days are highly tough for every woman. But it is good to make yourself involved in a bit of exercise. Even a little walk will enhance the blood circulation of your body. It will also reduce nighttime cramps. Women those who are active tend to sleep more soundly than those who are not.

Tip #3

Nothing should be in mind while going to bed. Anxiety, worry, fear and stress are the prime culprits that prevent proper sleep. Thinking is not a solution, but talking about your problems will definitely solve your issues. Keep your mind relax and tension free while going to bed.

Tip #4

Get a new bed schedule: You will get more relaxed and comfortable sleep if you set your daily routine. Following steps may help you in proper sleep;

  • Prefer to have a mildly warm shower.
  • Try some small snacks. Have a few peanuts or few crackers or whole grain cereals with milk. These diets will enhance your sleep as they are the best combination of tryptophan and crabs which are considered as sleep promoters.
  • Read some pages of a pleasant book.
  • Have a cup of warm milk or caffeine-free tea with honey.
  • Brush your hair gently.
  • Get a good massage on the shoulders.

Tip #5

Stack the pillows. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, doctors will advise you to sleep on the left of your side. It will boost the flow of blood to the uterus, kidney and fetus. Make use of pillows for support; one under the belly portion and the other under your knee. Do not hesitate to invest in special pregnancy pillows.

Tip #6

Keep heartburn at bay! Heartburn is the major problem of pregnant women. Make sure not to recline for an hour just after the meal. This may help you to prevent this problem. Moreover, elevate your head on the pillow while sleeping. Pregnant women should also avoid having acidic food, fatty dishes, fried food and spicy items as they give rise to heartburn.

Tip #7

Nap is a must during the day. Every pregnant woman should have a snag of 20 to 30 minutes every day. This will also reduce fatigue and dullness.

Tip #8

A healthy diet for a healthy mother. Take a healthy diet in your meal. Do not eat sugary, acidic or spicy food at night. These foods are highly reactive and babies make a quick and active response to these items. So if you are taking them at dinner, your baby will dance throughout the night and will not allow you to sleep! Eat a balanced diet and eliminate caffeine completely from your diet list as it prevents insomnia.

Tip #9

Adieu to silence! If your sleep gets disturbed in the middle of sleep, then try to breathe deeply with the hands cupped over the belly portion. While doing so, also make an image that your baby is also sleeping with you inside your tummy. The sweetest trick is to sing a lullaby. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby can hear your voice. So if you will sing, you may start feeling drowsy and your baby will also recognize your voice. This may create a strong bond between both of you.

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