How to Relief chickenpox naturally?

chickenpox remedies

Chickenpox is a disease which is caused due to the infection your body suffers due to the intrusion of a virus in your body. There are a lot of ways in which you can cure chickenpox, however, since it is a viral infection, it can only go with time. There are a lot of medicines which help in curing chicken pox and reducing its effectiveness. But the same results can also be achieved with natural remedies as well. well, there is nothing better than the use of natural remedies for curing any condition. Here is the list of all the home remedies which will help you to treat chicken pox naturally.

Use the solution of baking soda and water

Baking soda helps in the alleviation of pain and itching which is caused by chickenpox. It also helps in pushing down the bumps which are caused by the chicken pox. It will help in reducing the itchiness which is caused due to the same.

How to use the solution of baking soda and water?

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass bowl.
  2. Then add an equal amount of water, and some more to make an even solution.
  3. Make sure it is uniformed.
  4. Take the paste and apply it on all the affected areas of the body.
  5. If that seems too much work, you can also add baking soda powder in your bathing water.

Carrot and coriander soup

Carrots and coriander both are highly rich in fiber content. They have quite a lot of nutrients and vitamins which help in reducing the effect of the disease on your body. It also gives your body the required strength it needs to perform and fight the various viruses which are harming your body during this disease. Also, the soup is easy to digest and does not make your body work a lot. since there is a lot of weakness in the body when it is suffering from a disease, thus, it is good if you eat something which is easy to digest.

Also, the carrot and coriander soup help in enhancing the immunity of the body which helps in fighting off the disease which can be harmful to your body.

How to prepare carrot and coriander soup?

  1. Take 100 grams of carrot and chop it finely.
  2. Take the chopped carrot and 60 grams of fresh coriander leaves.
  3. Boil all the ingredients in about two and a half cups of water until it evaporates to half of its amount
  4. Consume the soup for about a month once each day
  5. You can also consume or add chopped carrots and cor8ienader on top to enhance the productivity of this soup.

Use chamomile tea compress and also drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a very soothing herbal tea which is good for health. It is a natural way of aiding in the treatment of chickenpox which helps in the soothing of the skin and also reduces inflammation. It is helpful in both ways, even if you consume it, and also when you use it as a compress. It helps in treating aggravated skin areas which have chicken pox and are causing pain, itching, and irritation. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is helpful in detoxifying your body and making your body free from all the harmful virus and bacteria which reduce the effect of chicken pox on the body.

How to prepare chamomile tea compress?

  1. Take two to three chamomile tea bags and add them in a bowl of warm water
  2. Let it cool down
  3. Take a soft towel or a cotton pad, and dip it in the solution
  4. Use this towel and cotton pad to compress the body parts which are highly affected
  5. You can also make the tea by dipping tea bags in warm water, and then consuming it for detoxification of the body and killing and prevention from harmful bacteria and germs.

Use lavender essential oil for affected areas of the body during chicken pox

The lavender essential oil is known to treat a lot of skin conditions and issues. It also has a lot of benefits which are related to all kinds of skin infections due to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic properties. It helps in reducing the effect of skin conditions on your body including that of chicken pox as well. it is a natural remedy and does not harm the body at all. It also enriches your skin and removes all kind of infections on its end to reduce the further scope of your body getting any worse at any cost.

How to use lavender essential oil for chine pox on your body?

  1. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil in coconut oil or any other carrier oil. Since lavender essential oil is quite strong so it is advisable that you do not use it directly, and only use it when you have mixed it with a carrier oil which can be olive oil, coconut oil, or any other oil as such.
  2. Apply the solution of lavender essential oil with coconut oil on all the affected areas. However, do not massage it in any way.
  3. Let it stay for as long as you can and have its effect on your body
  4. After it is done, then you can rinse it off or wash it as well. you can repeat the same process daily two times a week.
  5. There is also another way in which you can use this oil, which is by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil in your bathing water. However, you must make sure that the water is warm.
  6. You can take a soak in this bathing water for about 10 minutes.

Oatmeal bath also helps during chicken pox

Oatmeal is known to have many benefits when consumed. However, it also has a lot of benefits if you apply it to your body. An oatmeal bath is a very popular remedy if you use it to reduce itchiness and irritation on your skin. It helps in reducing the bumps which are caused by chicken pox, and it also helps in soothing the skin which is usually experiencing inflammation. It also acts a moisturizer.

Oatmeal also has fine particles in it which are also helpful in scrubbing off all the impurities which are formed on the skin due to this condition of chicken pox.

How to prepare an oatmeal bath for chicken pox treatment naturally?

  1. Take 2 cups of oatmeal and grind it to make a fine powder
  2. Take the fine powder and add it to almost 2 liters of water which is in a lukewarm condition
  3. Soak yourself in the bath water for about 20 minutes.
  4. Moisturize your body after patting yourself dry

These are some of the best home remedies which can be used if you are having or suffering from chicken pox. If you find these home remedies beneficial, then do not forget to share them with someone you know who is suffering from the same kind of condition. Your sharing can help a person in need.


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