Taking Health to New Understandings this World Health Day: Diet and Health


Diet is a way to attain good health and wellness. For them who are overweight know it much better than others. The issue with us humans is that till the time something does not happens we don’t take much efforts to turn around, no one tries to realize the gravity of any situation.

Poor eating habits and selection of foods have many repulsions on our body. But, it is needed to be understood that poor eating habits are attributed to a lot of factors like – learned behaviors, emotional conditions and even the way we have been conditioned to grow up. It all depends on our choice and the choice to live healthy and happy life is one of the biggest decision that any human can ever take.

What is health and healthy eating all about?

The first, we all must know that dieting or eating healthy is not about eating in strict limitations or being unrealistically thin or even sacrificing all the food that you have loved for years. It is more of making an understanding to eat healthy so that we feel great, have more energy and enthusiasm to do things, have more improved health and have great mood. It is one of the biggest perception that many of us have about dieting.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, rather it is all about eating sensibly. While we all know about certain foods that have great health benefits and jump for it, whenever, we see them, it is the overall dietary pattern and balance that makes all the difference. The results lies in eating what is good and provides us with optimal nutrition and health benefits and avoiding those that do more harm than good like processed and packaged foods.

What is healthy eating based on?

Apart from certain diets that are target specific like a high-protein or a low-carb or a high-fat diet, in general the fundamentals of a well-balanced and healthy diet is based out of proper balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals and vitamins. All of it forms the category of a healthy diet plan.

Proteins: It provides our body the much needed energy to carry all important bodily functions and keep going. It helps support our cognitive function and god mood. Research says we need more protein intake through foods as we age. They are the building blocks of our muscles and tissues. Protein can be obtained from animal and as well as plant sources of foods.

Carbohydrates: It is our body’s main resource of energy. Though it should only come from complex sources like whole grains, fruits and vegetables more than from sugar and processed foods. It helps control and manage blood sugar levels and build-up of layers of fat in the body.

Fats: There are all sorts of fats – good and bad as well. While the good ones are required by the body for healthy heart and sound brain, the bad ones can create havoc on our health. God fats are also instrumental in cutting down weight and keep us healthy like the – omega 3 fatty acids.

Fibers: Great against heart diseases, stokes and diabetes, good quality dietary fibers can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and grains. It is also necessary to lose and keep weight under check and great for the skin as well.

Minerals and Vitamins: Well these are required by the body in trace amounts, but are very vital for sound functioning of the human body. These are not manufactured by the body of its own and can only be fed inside the body through the foods that we eat.

We all understand the importance of good food and nutrition and hence, every year on the World Healthy Day on the 7th of April, the message of nutrition and optimal health needs are spread through various mediums amongst the masses worldwide. An effort is being made each year to educate and make people aware of the need of health eating and nutrition.

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