Hymen- Things you need to know


Are you virgin? No bleeding means loss of virginity! Did it bleed while having sexual intercourse? There is no stain, that means you are nor pure? If it didn’t bleed that means it’s not the first intercourse! To bleed or not to bleed; now that is the question! Blah… Blah… Blah…

There are many such questions that society always put on every woman. Do really the hymen decide the purity of a girl? What is the hymen? Well, it’s not so! All these are only the misconceptions and myths that people had cooked up in their mind. Let’s discard the outdated ideas, misconceptions and myths about the virginity and hymen that are linked with the sexual status of the women genre.

What is Hymen?

The hymen is a Greek word which means skin or a membrane. Even Hymen is the name of Geek God of Marriage. The hymen is just a flexible and stretchable collar of tissue in the vagina. It has no connection with the virginity. The hymen set at the entrance of your vagina which is protected by the two layers of lips called the vulva, the labia minor, and the labia major.

Some facts about the hymen

  • The hymen is not a piece of Glad wrap in your vagina.

  • No one can tell the virginity status of a woman just by looking at the hymen.

  • Making the use of tampon does not affect the hymen.

  • Physical activities like aerobics, yoga, exercises, gymnastics, or any such activity cannot damage, tear or break the hymen.

  • Nobody knows why women are born with the hymen.

  • It looks like a donut that changes with time.

  • It is hard to see.

  • Every girl does not have a similar kind of hymen.

  • Breaking or tearing of hymen may not always cause bleeding.

Myth #1 The hymen gets the break when you have sex for the first time.

The hymen get the break when you have sexual intercourse. It bleeds during the intercourse which makes it clear about the virginity of a woman. This is the biggest myth that misleads people. However, in the past era, it was a matter of great issue. People examine this through a ritual where they show the sheets with blood stains from the wedding bed to prove the virginity of the young girl. Ironically, husbands or male does not expect to prove their virginity or sexual purity.

However, in reality, many girls do not experience bleeding or tearing of the hymen while having sexual intercourse for the first time. It is because of the flexibility and stretch ability of the hymen. This also makes some women worry about bleeding or pain.

Myth #2 A gynecologist can detect the virginity of a woman by looking at her hymen.

The second most common myth about the hymen is that a gynecologist or a health care doctor can detect by testing and examining it about her virginity. Professional can easily tell that whether a girl has ever had sexual intercourse or not. However, in the absence of injuries, a doctor cannot even tell about rape, after puberty. The hymen is highly stretchable that open like a donut.

Myth #3 Making the use of tampons can affect your virginity.

Not at all. Tampons are not linked with the virginity of a woman. A tampon is a thin band that passes across the opening which called a separate hymen. According to a study, about 1 out of 2000 women has an imperforate hymen which means that they do not have hymen opening.

Myth #4 The gynecological examination may affect the virginity.

Gynecologists can check our health but not sex. However, an inspection of external parts of the genitals is recommended as a part of regular health check up for teens and kids. Moreover, the Pap test is an examination that helps in detecting the precancerous cells from the cervix. This test involves the use of Speculum which of a typical instrument that spreads the wall of the hymen and vagina.

Myth #5 Your sexual partner can tell whether a woman is a virgin or not.

Just as a gynecologist cannot tell about the virginity of a woman, then how can a partner tell! Moreover, being open and honest with your partner will build a strong bond and trust between you both. Discuss with him about your sexual history.

Myth #6 It is a membrane that penetrates.

The hymen is not stretched all across the vagina waiting for the penis to penetrate. It is a ring of tissues that are highly stretchable and elastic. It can be thin or thick which can disrupt by penetration.

Myth #7 Everyone has more or less the same hymen.

Just as no one has the same shape or size of the vagina, similarly, the hymen of every girl is also different. Some are more thicker while some are thinner. Some are close to anus while some are towards the bottom.

Myth #8 Located inside your vagina deeply.

It is completely wrong. The hymen is close to your vagina, almost an inch or two away from it.

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