Most Comfortable Sex Position That Makes Sex Mind Blowing


The most disturbing and awful word that intervene the pleasure and joy of sex is “Ouch”. Pain during intercourse is the biggest secret for everyone. Not most of us, but almost everyone loves the idea of having sex. Recently, science has developed that there are several moves that couples find difficult to do. If you are hearing this word from your partner, then it’s time to rejuvenate your bedtime strategies.

Here is the list of some position that can blow your mind when you are on the bed with your partner. Check it out below!

#1 The Bed Spread Position

The bed spread position allows the girl to maintain a relaxing and calming posture with no or very little efforts. This position does not require much energy which makes it widely popular and favorite of everyone. All the girl need is to lie on the stomach with the legs hanging off the bed. The guy will lift her legs parallel to her body as he enters.

#2 The cowgirl position

The cow girl position is known for providing a high amount of sexual satisfaction to women. It is also called Woman on top position. In this position, your partner lies at the back or in the front and you straddle him while facing either backward or forward.

#3 The Doggy Style

In this position, the female bends or crouches on her hands and knees for sexual intercourse. However, she may also lie on her abdomen for having sex. It is good to have but doggy style is not safe if the penetration is not done carefully or done at the wrong angle forcefully. It may cause tearing of vaginal area. The most important part of the doggy style position is adjusting.

#4 The Spooning Style

Side cuddle… Isn’t sound tempting? Spooning is also known with the name “Side by Side.” In this position, you get lie sideways with your partner, and your partner lies behind you. The couples lie down in a cuddling position. Make sure to use your buttocks for controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

#5 The Missionary Position

Sizzling missionary is everyone’s favorite. It is a common and popular posture. In this position, the man gets on the top of the females and she lies on her back. Both of them face towards each other. However, you need to be more careful while trying this posture. Missionary position is not good and safe for those women who have a short vaginal canal. Try this classic style and rejuvenate your old memories. Missionary works great as it is not dependent on size. Instead, it is on the connection and bond between you and your partner.

#6 Missionary with a pillow

Sitting on a pillow… Yeah! Get your favorite pillow and place it underneath the pelvis for better support. Spread your legs apart and bend your knees in such a manner that it brings the pelvis upward for thrusting. The fantastic thing about this posture is that it promotes clitoral stimulation and control the depth of penetration.

#7 The Reverse Cow Girl

Riding into the sunset… wanna a try! In this position, the female sits on top of her partner facing away from him. However, in regular the cow girl position, the woman on top usually faces towards her lover. But in this case, it is the opposite.


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Causes of unpleasant sex

#1 Vaginismus: The most common problem that usually every woman faces. It is an involuntary spasm in the muscles of the vagina that is usually caused by the fear of getting hurt during intercourse.

#2 Vaginal Infection: Vaginal infection is the inflammation, burning, itching, and discomfort prevail in the private or sensitive parts of the body such as labia, vulva, vagina, vaginal opening, or clitoris.

#3 Deep penetrations: Deep penetration also gives rise to painful intercourse. When the penis reaches to the cervix, that is the opening of the uterus, at high penetration, it causes infection near the cervix area. This leads to pain after intercourse.

#4 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: When the tissue and muscles inside the vagina or cervix get infected or inflamed severely, the pressure of penetration or sexual intercourse may cause pain and discomfort.

#5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, Chlamydia, genital warts and other sexual diseases may cause itching, burning, irritation, swelling and soreness in the vagina. When you sexually interact with your partner, sometimes, you may get the infection or any disease during the intercourse.

Other ways to get close to your partner

There are several ways to get closer to your partner such as;

  • Cuddling

  • Caring

  • Massage

  • Kissing

  • Mutual masturbation

  • Oral sex

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