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Yoga poses are widely practiced in India since the ancient era. It is a kind of exercise that helps in reducing the stress level from the mind and soul. There is an important thing to know that yoga poses will not cure any disease, but it will enhance the functioning of your body parts and organs so that the disease does not get complicated.
Asthma is an inflammatory disease that causes your airways narrow. Shortness of breath, tightness of chest, wheezing, and coughing is some of the symptoms of asthma. Yoga will surely enhance your lung capacity and facilitate proper breathing.
The team of Vaidyanath has brought the list of few poses that will surely help you to get relieved from asthma. Scroll down to know more.


This is considered as one of the most effective yoga poses for asthma patients. For this, you need to sit with your erect spine and knees should be bent. Place the blocks on either sided of the hips and then keep your palm on those blocks. Then sit on your buttock bones. After this, you need to stretch your leg one by one and then join the feet and legs through its inner side. Stretch your toes and knees and keep them straight. Also, stretch your elbows and arms by pressing the palms down on the blocks. Lift your abdomen and hold this position for at least one minute. Dandasana will help you to improve your digestion and prevent sciatic pain. It also tones the kidneys. The high stretch of muscles may prevent tiredness of the feet and legs.


Baddhakonasana is highly recommendable pose for asthma. For this yoga asana, sit like dandasana by placing a side of your hips. Now bend your knees by joining both soles and pull the heels close to the bolster. And after this, lower your knees gradually onto the blocks by pushing them away from each other. Draw the abdomen by open your chest out and hold this posture for a minute or two. This yoga pose stimulates your heart by enhancing the blood circulation in the entire body. Baddhakonasana helps in preventing hernia and alleviates varicose and sciatica veins. Moreover, it also makes your periods regular and minimizes your menstrual pain and leucorrhoea. Baddhakonasana also tones the abdominal, pelvic organs and the spine.

Upavista Konasana

Make dandasana with the shoulders and sit against the wall in such a manner that your back should touch the walls. Keeps your back stiff while sitting on the buttock bones. Look straight and place the palms on the floor beside the hips. Make your fingers pointing to the front. Now push the torso upward by pressing the palm down on the floor. After this, spread your legs as far as it is possible. Make use of your hand for pushing the legs out. Then again place your palms on the floor by moving the hands behind the buttock.

Lift your waist up by pressing the heels high and down on the floor. Now rotate the thighs to the front in such a manner that the knee caps face the ceiling. And finally, stretch your legs from high to heel. Hold this pose for 40 to 50 seconds. Upavista Konasana helps to relieve and prevent hernia and asthma. It also treats arthritis of the hips and makes you relieve from sciatic pain. Upavista Konasana also regulates the menstrual flow and stimulates the ovaries and reduces pain.


Virasana is the most common yoga pose for asthma. Place the bolsters parallel to each other. Keep the knees together by kneeling on the bolsters. Keep the rolled blanket on the shins and fold it under your buttocks. Put your palms on the knees and look straight ahead. Hold this posture for 40 to 60 seconds. It will make to feel relieved from asthma and reduces the stiffness of the hips. Virasana also minimizes the inflammation in the blood vessels caused in the legs by standing for a longer period. This yoga pose alleviates inflammation and aches in the knees and tone its cartilage.


Pranayama is a must for every asthma patient. It makes you breathe easily and enhance the functioning of the lungs. You should end your day with this yoga if you are suffering from asthma. For this pose, you need to sit on a mat with your legs crossed to each other. Make your neck, spine, and head in a straight line and close your eyes and gather all your attention towards breathing. Now breathe with the abdomen and repeat it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Straddled splits

Straddled splits enhance your lung capacity and make you relieve from asthma. For this, you need is to sit on a yoga mat. Now stretch your legs firmly as far as possible. Now inhale deeply and place your arms on the floor. And then exhale while bending the body forward and put the hands in front of you. Now take five to six deep breaths before getting back into the original posture. This yoga pose will stretch the upper part of your body and open your lungs freely.


Sukhasana is the most pleasing pose of yoga or asthma. For this, you need to sit on the yoga mat and stretch out the feet out with your spine straight. Now keep your knees wide by crossing them. Also, cross the shins and place your feet under the knees. Make sure that your pelvis should be in the neutral position and relax the feet with the edges out on the floor. Place one of your palms on the other and put them on your lap. Now elongate your tailbone and keep the shoulders firmly. Take deep breaths and repeat these steps for 15 to 20 minutes. Sukhasana will enhance the functioning of the lungs and make you relieve from asthma.


Savasana is often popular as the corpse pose. This pose may help you in managing the stress level and enhance the breathing system. For this, place a long yoga mat on the floor and lie on your back with the arms and feet relaxed. Close your eyes and make your jaws relax, calm and soften. Now gather all your attention towards your breath and steady slow it down. After this, take deep breaths in a rhymic manner so that it every part of your body gets relaxed. Repeat these steps for 10 to 15 minutes.
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