How to know that something is wrong with your dog?

Signs of illness in dog

Pets are the most cutest part o our family. They play with you, sleep with you, eat with you, and also cry with you. Among all, dogs are considered the most favorite and loving pet. It is the most awful feeling to see your puppy sick. Dogs are unable to describe their feeling and problems in words like we, human, do. All you need is to observe your dog’s activities and if you suspect any signs of illness, immediately rush to the vet without any delay.

Signs of illness

Bad breathe

If your dog suffers from bad breath then there is a chance of liver or kidney problems. It is the most common chronic disease that occurs on its own over its lifetime. Sometimes, it may occur due to the side effects caused by medications and other severe diseases like Lyme. Unfortunately, in several cases, kidney and liver disease is not curable and preventable. Dogs who usually suffer from kidney failure or kidney damage experience severe pain also. Moreover, acute kidney disease can prevent as it is caused by various other factors such as infections, poisoning, toxicity, and complication from some medicines.

Feel more thirsty than usual

Insatiable thirst is the main sign of diabetes. This problem will make your dog to have plenty of water. Just like humans, the symptoms of diabetes are similar in dogs. If your dog shows any of these symptoms or signs then you should quickly contact your vet for a checkup. He may advise you two insulin injections regularly as it will help to control diabetes. A high fiber diet, proper care, and oral medications also work to prevent this disease and get your pet back on the healthy state.

Excessive pee

Instead of scolding your dog for peeing in the house every time, you should consult a veterinarian. If your doggy is trained to peeing in the bathroom or anywhere outside or earlier used to pee in the proper place and now peeing frequently in the house; it may possible that he needs medical treatment. Frequent or excessive may give rise to urinary infection, kidney diseases, or diabetes. You can detect that something is wrong with your dog if he suffers from inappropriate or improper urination, lethargy, excessive thirst, excess intake or water than usual or excess urination. If your dog exhibits any abnormal activity then you should promptly contact the vet for a checkup.

Excessive sneezing

Occasional sneezing is common. There is nothing to worry about it. But if your dog sneezes excessively with running nose then it means that they are suffering from any inflectional disease such as dog flu, kennel cough, or distemper virus. Moreover, infections like flu and cough are short term disease and can be cured easily. These infections do not cause huge damage to the health of your pup. But infections like distemper virus may cause major damage to the health of the dog or in some cases, it leads to death if they left untreated.


The main reasons that give rise to this problem are toxicity, gastrointestinal blockage, or other serious problems. However, you need not go to your vet every time when your pup throws up! But it does mean that you should always ignore this … Instead of guessing the cause or reason, it is better to consult the vet if your dog vomits.

Itching or Scratching

These are the major signs of skin disease. Several dogs suffer from various skin diseases. The skin sometimes may appear flaky, inflamed, scaly, red or abnormal. However, there are multiple reasons that hike the reasons to cause skin problems such as allergies, parasites, itching and more. However, if you find any abnormal or odd appearance made on the skin of your pup or he is constantly itching, chewing, or scratching, it is important to rush the vet before its get delay and the condition of your dog gets worst.

Feel difficulties in walk

If your dog is unable to walk properly, this means that any disease is affecting its health. He may feel lethargic and weak. In this case, you should immediately rush to the vest.

Looks greasy

A healthy dog owns a smooth, shiny, supple and clear skin. Greasy, bumpy, flaky and coarse skin is signs of skin diseases. These symptoms reflect severe diseases like parasites, arthritis, and imbalanced hormones. If your vet detects any of these symptoms, it can be prevented usually with monthly preventive treatments.

Scratch their ears

Symptoms like scratching their ears or shake their head reflect ear infection. This infection occurs because of debris or ear discharge. It is often painful, irritating or even itchy. Such infection can cause severe and huge damage to dogs if they left untreated. Moreover, if the infection continues for a longer period, it may cause several skin issues and other diseases such as allergies. This infection can be prevented t home by taking proper care or cleaning the ears of your dog frequently. If you suspect any symptoms of ear infection in your dog for more than two to three days, then consult to your vet without any delay.

Having diarrhea

The causes of diarrhea are common and matches which those of vomiting. One or two episodes of diarrhea are not harmful, but continuing this may lead to dehydration. If diarrhea persists for more than a day or two in your pup, immediately consult the vet.

Gums turn blue, white, black or pale

Pale, white, blue or black gums of your dog indicate dental diseases. Such disease in pups is often known as periodontal disease. It is a serious health problem that can affect the health of your dog severely. There is a possibility of developing tartar and plaque that are the most dangerous bacteria in the mouth of your dog. They can even damage the gums and teeth of the pup. Bad breathe is also not common in dogs. It is a sign of dental disease. Even severe bacteria may enter into the bloodstream and can cause serious problems such as kidney failure, liver disease, and heart disease. The only and effective way to cure dental disease is proper care.


The best way to cure cough is to take proper care of your pup and give enough rest and relaxation with plenty of healthy food and water. Moreover, consult your vet for better advice as he will give antibiotics for the best treatment and dog vaccination is also necessary.

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Take care of your dogs and keep them healthy and fit… Because happy pet means a happy you!


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