Do Dogs Need Regular Checkup?

dogs checkup

Dogs have from way past held a very important place in our hearts. They are regarded as the “man’s best friend”. It may be exclaimed that their working roles are reduced today, but no one can opine that their importance at home has decreased. They are regarded as the sporting companions.

Dogs help to reduce stress levels among humans and are often used for therapeutics in hospitals and nursing homes. We should also treat them like our family and should take due and proper care of them in case they are unwell.

In fact, veterinarians persuade us to bring our pets in for a check-up at least once or twice in a year, even if they seem to be apparently healthy and perfectly fine. This may seem perplexing to some of us who think in such a way that there is no need for all this if the pet seems to be fine completely paid for a visit.

We do not understand the fact that it is actually necessary to have our pet examined once in a while if we humans are very much cautious about our health in order to monitor the current conditions that become more common with the age. The same should apply to our pets also. There may be a case that our pet may appear healthy but in reality, he or she might be sick without us not even knowing about it.

Pets cannot convey the fact that how they are feeling. Therefore it is our responsibility to take them regularly for checkups to veterinarians so that they are kept healthy. Even if puppies and senior dogs require frequent visits to the doctors, please don’t panic about the cost. Please keep in mind that by way of taking preventative measures it should keep our pet healthier longer, and should surely save our money in our pockets in the long run.

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Preferably our vet should check our dog at least once in half a year. As they go by their age regular and frequent visits are must if they need special medical attention. These visits actually play an important role in the approach called as ‘prevention is better than cure, so one should not hold off in making the appointment just for the reason that our dog seems fit by outside and healthy as per physical appearance.

The best way is to get him or her checked by our vet. The way the vet generally checks your dog is by silently and carefully listening to their heart and lungs, then taking their hands over their abdomen to synchronize any exceptional signs, examining the skin/coat, scanning the eye and ear problems and scrutinizing their whole body to see if everything is working in order.

One of the essential advantages of these annual or half-year check-ups is to get our dog used to regularly visiting the vet surgery when they are in any case well. If their visit is only when they are not feeling well or ill they can very well become nervous after seeing the vet or in examining themselves in front of the Vet by generally associating their trips with unusual times or difficult experiences.

It is preferably a good idea to visit the vet more often than not even if one does not have an appointment. This will also let the receptionists and vet nurses appreciate and show their love and emotions and will, therefore, create a positive flashback for our pet.

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Keep in mind, one is the best judge of any critical condition related to them; you should therefore not delay in taking them to the vet if they find any radical or sudden change in the behavior of their doggy.

Do not ever hesitate in taking the professional advice of our vet as they are the best judge to cure any of the ailments which might occur with our beloving dogs. At the end just follow a simple phenomenon that Preventative healthcare at all levels will surely extend our dog’s life.

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Take care of your dogs and keep them healthy and fit… Because happy pet means a happy you!




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