CENTER OF HEALING brings out a splash of healing in New Delhi


April 17th 2019, New Delhi; Center of Healing is a full service counseling center in New Delhi offering healing services through licensed professionals. It is dedicated to helping people maintain a state of wellness by helping them improve and learn new strategies for dealing with difficult times and recover from serious setbacks in their lives. We work from a strength based perspective, looking for solutions to help people move on from their problems.We all are somehow going through some or kind of mental stress but fail to find the right solution to overcome that but Center of Healing gives a one stop solution to all the mental stress a person goes through.

Center of Healing shows the right path to people by helping them recognize their inner strength and weaknesses. Therapies like Third Eye Activation, Mediation, Angel Therapy, Hypnosis, Money Reiki, Money Spells, Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression etc. are provided to the clients to explore their inner body and heal all their mental pain.

Ms. Swati Sawhney, Founder, Center of Healing say; ‘I always had an urge towards enhancing life of people in our society by some or other ways. After serving the society for quite a long time I explored the fact that apart from physical health people also need mental healing and recognize how powerful they are internally which makes them capable enough to fight all the problems. All that was required was a platform which can lead people towards eternal healing and brawl all the atrocities of life, so we decided to open Center of Healing which is a one stop solution for all kinds of mind healing.

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to the concerns, and customizing a treatment plan. No matter with what reasons is the customer approaching us; individual concerns, couple counseling, parenting or to enhance performance at work, we assess current situation of our clients and tailor an effective approach. Changes can be deep and long lasting, Center of healing provides all its clients an ambience which is friendly and has a positive aura, the team is filled with highly qualified professionals and mind experts to deeply understand the exact mental situation of the client and find out the exact way to help them overcome their problems. All mind problems has just one solution, Center of Healing.

About Us

The Center of Healing believes that its extraordinary mission and spectacular location makes it the perfect place to rejuvenate your inner body and soul. We believe that people have been healed through prayer and by faith in all ages but we just need to show them the right path. We take our customers to a journey to explore their inner strength and weaknesses which helps them in their mental upliftment and heal them in every manner. Our flagship projects includes the research work done on Leadership, Third Eye activation, Hypnosis, Reiki , Money Reiki, Angel Therapy, Mid Brain Activation. We ensure that the services provided are by qualified and professional counsellors and healers; who aim to hear, understand and provide best advice and solutions to client’s problems, and maintain the confidentiality.

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