Exclusive Interview of Saee Bapat-Health, Wellness, and Yoga Coach


Being healthy and fit is like being blessed by nature. Today, almost every one of us is suffering from some health issues. We usually blame the environment, food quality, and hard working schedule for this. But none of us is ready to accept the fact that the cure for all these problems is in our hands. Improper lifestyle, disturbed state of mind and an unhealthy diet are the only reasons that make a person unfit and unhealthy. For living a happy, healthy and royal life, we all need to start making little changes in our daily routine. It is most important to know that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors are highly responsible for keeping us fit and fine.

Yoga is the key solution for all these problems. Yes… Practicing Yoga helps in relieving stress and enhancing the functioning of our body parts and organs amongst many other benefits.

The team of Vaidyanath has brought an exclusive interview of the famous dietitian, yoga coach and fitness expert Ms. Saee Bapat only on your demand. Ms. Saee Bapat is a well-known yoga coach and a clean eating expert. With an experience of more than eight years in this field, Saee offers carefully designed customized coaching-both online and in person- to her clients who are determined to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Saee has been a national gold medalist swimmer in her early years. Moreover, she is also a former IT professional with an experience of almost ten years. Saee has pursued B.E. in electronics and telecommunication from Pune University. She has a Masters in Yogic
Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. She also has a certification in Nutrition from Cornell University.

Saee has spent her childhood in Pune and later she got settled in Bangalore since the last fourteen years. Now, Ms. Saee Bapat is happily married and living with her husband and two kids.

Saee feels fortunate for the opportunity to help her students, friends and family members to change their diet and improve their health. She has built a community of over 200 vibrant people, who help and support each other in the journey. Saee’s clean eating approach has helped many of her friends and clients reverse their health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol and even allergies, skin issues, acidity and more.

Ms. Saee Bapat agreed to talk with the team of Vaidyanath and share her fitness mantra and wisdom about healthy food practices with our readers.

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Introduce yourself with your name and profession?

Hello, I am Saee Bapat, a Health, Wellness, and Yoga Coach since 8+ years. I am also a former IT professional with 10 years of experience and have been a national level swimmer who won many gold medals.

What is your specialization?

I believe, we are what we eat! So I coach people from diverse background having diverse health goals, in cultivating and maintaining healthy food habits. As an outcome, they achieve their health goals in a systematic way and at a faster pace.

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Tell us about your education and family background.

I have done my B.E. in electronics and telecommunication. Masters in Yogic Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Certification in Nutrition from Cornell University. I was born and brought up in Pune and I have settled in Bangalore for
14 years. I am happily married and a mother of 2 kids: 11-year daughter, and
8-year-old son.

How and why did you decide to come in health and wellness profession?

I have been a national level swimmer in my school and college days, an engineer working as an IT professional for 10+ years and now a Yoga coach since 8 years, my journey with clean eating began when I met a nutritionist at marathon-a first-time marathon runner who completed the marathon in a very impressive time. When the lady revealed her
the secret, my eyes opened to a whole new possibility.

Being a mother of two beautiful children and a loving wife, I became passionate about eating clean when I and my husband began to experience the symptoms of “being old” when we should have been looking and feeling young. Even though my family mostly ate home cooked food and avoided fried and junk food, I was worried about our less than optimum health. My kids fell sick very often, caught colds, coughs, and infections. I myself felt tired by 7 pm in the night with no energy left to spend quality time with my kids. Around the same time, I and my husband were diagnosed with borderline cholesterol and the only solution given by the doctors was to start on a lifelong pill.
Knowing the side effects associated with it, we both were unwilling to adopt that path.

We had so many aspirations such as running a marathon, participating in a triathlon, farming and growing our own vegetables. But our health was not supporting us. Fortunately, this was the juncture at which I met the nutritionist and became aware of Clean eating. I then attended many sessions by the top people in the field, researched the topic deeply, completed my certification in nutrition from Cornell University and transitioned to this an amazing lifestyle of eating clean.

Since the last 5 years, my family has been following clean eating at home and the results are significant. We have overcome all our physical problems, my children no longer fall sick or need antibiotics, they recovered by offering the correct environment, rest and correct food to their bodies. Now, me and my husband… we run marathons together,
we even completed our first sprint distance triathlon last year. We have also rented a farm plot near our house where we enjoy working on weekends. We feel Youthful again!
It’s my passion to spread the knowledge about eating clean and help people achieve their health goals to FEEL, LOOK and LIVE HEALTHY & YOUNG AGAIN.

And that’s how CLEAN EATING with SAEE was born!

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Who is the one person in your life who inspires you to grow in the industry?

Behind every successful woman, there is a happy family! I am fortunate to have solid support from my husband, parents, parents-in-law and my kids.

My husband, Sachin, is my greatest support and encouragement when it comes to learning and upgrading my knowledge. He is always available when I need his time to experiment with new concepts. When things don’t happen as anticipated-which is common for any entrepreneur-he is always by my side to motivate me.

So yes, my husband and my family inspire me to keep growing.

How is the journey of your life in your professional career?

I did my engineering in 2002, and after graduation, joined MNC wherein I worked in India as well as the US with different roles and responsibilities. I decided to take a career break after my second kid was born. Because of my interest in Yoga and Nutrition, I completed my formal education in the same fields. I’m really passionate about teaching yoga and working as a health coach. I have been contributing to these fields for the last 8 years

What is the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional life?

We have come far away from our natural and healthy lifestyle. Every day we are bombarded with 1000s of ads forcing us to eat unnatural foods and adopt unhealthy habits. And sometimes these companies have completely false propaganda to promote their business. As a result, we are becoming the slaves of the taste buds. To bring people
out of this situation is a constant challenge I face.

What do you do to inspire today’s generation?

I believe that healthy habits should be inculcated at an early age. Once they are set they remain with the person throughout life. So I conduct a special workshop specifically for moms so that they can easily develop good eating habits in their children.

I also teach children how to make healthy yet tasty food themselves!

Who is your idol and whom do you consider as your motivation?

When people are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, generally they lose hope and their mind succumbs to their disease affected body. But there are so many success stories where these people have reversed the disease by getting back to natural lifestyle including food.

They believe in “Food is medicine” and our bodies can cure itself if we nourish it with good food. 
These people keep me motivated and they are my idols.


Do you have your website? If yes, what information or service do you provide?

Yes. bit.ly/About-Clean-Eating

Currently, we provide 2 services, (will be adding more in coming months):

1) Free Food Wisdom-A 20 minutes assessment and consultation call to empower people with knowledge about the impact of their current food habits on their health, which habits they should change and which ones are beneficial for their health to continue and which new food habits they can easily inculcate in their lifestyle.

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2) 7 days Online Clean Eating Workshop with optional post-workshop support. People really love to experience clean eating hands-on with the knowledge packed a week, interesting interactions and activities, effective accountability to achieve committed health
goals and lots of delicious recipes. People experience remarkable positive health changes at the end of 7 days, as per their health goals they set during the Group call scheduled 1 day prior to the workshop begins.

What is your plan in the next 5 years?

It’s a big battle against the food industry going crazy for profits by selling junk poisonous food. So spreading awareness is the key. And I know I can’t do it alone, so my plan is to collaborate with like-minded people and use the power of internet technology to spread the message about the power of clean food to everyone.

I take one-week clean eating workshops customized and catered to each individual’s health goals. My aim is to conduct 1000 such weekly workshops in the next 5 years and guide at least 10000 people in the clean eating journey.

According to you, what is the most challenging situation in the health care sector nowadays? What do you want to say about the current healthcare situation in the country and what do you suggest to improve them?

Prevention is always better than cure. But nobody seems to be bothered to remove the root cause of these lifestyle diseases. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, blood pressure, etc the standard practice is to put you on life long medication. While these diseases can be easily managed with the right food and the right environment. But it’s challenging to make people aware of it and then to make them adopt these changes.
So we need to create, document and propagate success stories because of which people will start believing in the power of food

Any awards which you have received?

Not yet in this field.

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