This Earth Day Go Digital With Notes App (Table Notes)


Every year 22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day, which is an annual event created to celebrate the planet’s environment and raise public awareness about pollution. But Earth Day isn’t just for helping the planet one day out of the year — it’s a way to begin a green, environmentally conscious lifestyle. The theme for this year’s Mother Earth Day is ‘Education and Climate Change’. Education and training are crucial to enable citizens to contribute to local and global efforts to meet the climate change challenge and the challenge of sustainable development. Increased knowledge and learning about the causes and impacts of climate change improves and protects lives.

An important part of our lifestyle is penning down our thoughts. We are so used to writing on a piece of paper that we don’t even realize what natural resources are we consuming or disregarding. Do you have a count of just how many trees you used up making notes this last year? So as you think about Earth Day this year, here’s an easy way to save the natural resources and do a little something for the planet: Go digital with your notes.

Notes are essential for how we think about our work-in-process, organize our day-to-day tasks, manage contacts, and remember things and more. In day-to-day life and as instantaneous reactions, notes come naturally and are our go-to for most people.

One of the apps that you can use for Digital notes and managing day-to-day activities is the Table Notes App.

Using Table Notes you can store important data in the form of tables in your mobile app. For example, you can create tables for Daily Expenses, Task To-Do, Contacts, Email ids & address of people, Grocery Lists, Medical Records, etc. You can use its pre-defined sample templates or tables for storing different type of data or notes in a table format, for example, Simple list, Task To Do, Expenses, Contacts, Passwords, Agenda, Investments, etc.

You can create Custom table using Empty Table. You can also import excel sheets from MS Excel. After creating tables you can export them as pdf or you can create Excel Sheet of your table or you can get a sharable link of your tables. You can also create widgets for your table.

Digital notes apps give you the most important benefits of technology – searching, sharing, access on multiple mobiles, collaboration, backups, editing, copy-and-paste, and many others – while maintaining the sanity of your day and helping you manage those activities with ease.

Here are some reasons why you should go digital with Table Notes:

  1. Environmental impact: One of the main priorities of many individuals and businesses today is moving towards a sustainable life. The most printed paper ends up in the trash by the end of the day.
  2. Digital is the new way to go: While there’s definitely an appeal to paper when it comes to business, digital trumps paper any day. Data online is just easier, especially when you build them with conditional logic that tailors fields to the person filling it out.
  3. Save stuff in one place: No matter how much you may prefer paper over digital, there’s one area where paper just can’t compete—search. With digital, you’re free from worrying about finding crucial information when needed.
  4. Digital is future proofing: In this day and age, more and more people in the 18-25 demographic prefer digital over paper —and that will only go up with time. If everyone already prefers the convenience of online, there’s little reason to resist the switch.
  5. Your bottom line: If you’re still not sold on the idea of saving data online, the idea of saving costs—should do the trick. Why are companies spending so much on paper when it’s more expensive, less efficient, and less sustainable? For this Earth Day, why not make the switch to online?
  6. Declutter: We can de-clutter our desks by removing post-it notes with reminders and other information we need to keep a track of. Because now, we’ve an option of putting up virtual notes on our phones and it even comes handy. Even if we haven’t set a reminder for something important, the note is a reminder enough to nudge us (as we look at our phones more than often).

Diminishing the use of paper is not a one-time event, rather a continuous series of efforts to move away from paper and establish a culture that frowns on waste. Because adopting a right tool can take us a long way and if we’re moving towards greater digitization, then why not reap its full benefits? After all, technology is a growing trend in protecting the environment.

So go digital with Table Notes this Earth day saving the planet a few trees and upcycle your lifestyle.

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