Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike, Adult- Review


Physical activeness is key to be fit and healthy. By practicing regular physical activity you can protect yourself from serious diseases which include heart disease, mental illness, arthritis cancer, and obesity as well. Risk of health problems can easily be reduced through riding a bicycle on a regular basis.

Riding a bicycle is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by people from different age sects, right from children to elderly adults. It’s a happy go lucky activity admired by sports junkies as well as commoners.

You can go for a bicycle ride every morning or evening as to keep your health on track, and nowadays riding a cycle to the office is emerging as a new trend.

Cycling for health and fitness

Cycling is not just a sport, it can act as an elixir to health and it is also considered as a way to live a healthy lifestyle. You just need to cycle two to four hours a week to reach a basic improvement in your health.

  • As compared to other exercise cycling doesn’t give you strain or injuries without compromising with the health effects.
  • Cycling is wonderful muscle workout as you pedal; your major muscle group comes in the act.
  • Many sports exercise require a high level of physical skills and knowledge and are tough to perform whereas cycling is an easy task. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bicycle.
  • Cycling is indeed a very good exercise to improve the strength and stamina of an individual.
  • You can indulge in cycling for a long time to sweat out your body weight. If you will cycle for long enough in the evening it will make your body tired and you can go to sleep peacefully.
  • Cycling doesn’t demand any special place, you can ride a bike outdoors as well as indoors which makes it place efficiently. You don’t require any special pieces of equipment or any specialist to guide you- how to perform this exercise. An additional point of cycling outside is the adventure and adrenaline rush you experience while riding down hills.
  • Cycling can be considered as time efficient exercise as it is a mode of transport. You can ride it to the office or to the market. You don’t have to sit at one place in order to perform this exercise.

Cycling every day will keep the doctor away

While cycling it might seem that your legs are doing all the work, it’s not true to the core. Including muscles contraction your heart, blood vessels and lungs also get a workout as it is an aerobic activity. Cycling improves your overall fitness level, you breathe deeper and your body temperature also increases. There are numerous health benefits of cycling on a regular basis which includes improvement in joint mobility, increased muscle strength and flexibility as your whole leg takes part in the process. Cycling reduces your stress level which ultimately makes you mentally strong and reduces anxiety and depression as well. Cycling also strengthens your bones and prevents many diseases.

Now if you are looking for a perfect home bicycle machine then Vaidyanath is here with you offering you the right choice of mechanism that is Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike. Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike is attached with the mechanism of workout display, resistance levels, adjustable seat, Dc supply for power source and a year warranty.

Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike comes with a deal of unique feature attached to it which includes-:

  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike comes with resistance ECB up to 20 levels
  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike has inbuilt workout display of 9.0 LCD
  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike has 10 inbuilt attached programs
  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike has adjustable seat.
  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike has a viable Power Source of Dc Supply
  • Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike with 1 year of warranty

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself a Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike because Vaidyanath believes that cycling is not just a sport rather a way of life!

Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike
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