Why are Cucumbers Your Best Friend in Summers?

Cucumber benefits

What is a cucumber?
Cucumber belongs to the fruit family known as Cucurbitaceae family. With the botanical name Cucumis sativus, it co-exists with its other family members like pumpkin, zucchini, watermelon. It is counted as the healthiest type of summer squash as it contains 96% of water and hence keeps us hydrated. Besides water cucumber is in rich in vitamins B, C and K and also a good source of iron, sodium, and zinc.
There are two varieties of cucumber generally found one that can be eaten fresh. i.e. Slicing cucumbers and, the others are used for pickles i.e. Gherkin cucumbers. can easily differentiate among them on the basis of their sizes, the smaller ones are used for making pickles while the bigger once are the part of your salads.

Benefits of cucumber

1. Reduces the problem of bad breath –
Involving cucumber in your daily diet plan which reduces the heat released by the stomach, it also kills the odor-causing bacteria present in your mouth and releases a foul smell which while talking gives bad breath.

2. Helps in reducing body weight – Cucumbers have a very low-calorie value but a very high fiber content in it, which helps in reducing body weight and cure digestion problems. This might be an obvious reason why dietitians recommend you to involve cucumber in your diet.

3. Lowers the risk of heart attacks and cancer- Cucumbers contains polyphenols which kill cancer-causing cells. It also has a high content of potassium which maintains the blood pressure level and indirectly reduces the risk of heart attacks.

4. Helps in fighting with acidity – Cucumber pickles are the best remedy to cure acidity, because of its sour and bitter taste.

5. Beneficial for your skin – Cucumber contains 96% of water which keeps your skin hydrated and nourished, while5%of silica which transports nutrients to the skin. Besides this, it has a caustic property which removes facial hairs and fights against acne problems.

6. Cucumber oil helps in curing body pain and fight against bacterial infection

7. Reduces hair fall and gives shiny hairs- It contains silica and sodium contains which are the main ingredients required for healthy and long hairs.

8. It helps in banishing cellulite, as it contains phytochemicals which increase the release of collagen protein.

Home remedies using cucumber

Cucumber is easily available in our kitchen and has many advantages. So you can easily use it for all home remedies without any concerns. Here are some easy and quick home remedies Vaidyanath suggests you-

1. Cucumber facial

Getting a facial every fortnight might be an expensive idea but getting a cucumber facial at home is actually not, it is cheap and effective.

How to apply

• Prepare a smooth paste of cucumber, ground oatmeal, skimmed milk, and few apples.
• Apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes and, then wash it with warm water.
• Then wash it again, with cold water to reduce the size of pores.

2. Cucumber onion mask

This mask helps in getting rid of acne, removal of wrinkles and stops the growth of facial hairs.

How to apply

  • Blend the mixture of cucumber and white onions.
  • Transfer the mixture into a strainer, strain the juice out, as the mask needs to be a little thick.
  • Add 1 spoon of fenugreek seeds to the mixture
  • Apply the mask gently on your face for 30 mins and wash in warm water.

3. Coconut and cucumber oil

Cucumber oil provides moisture to the skin and kills harmful bacterias.

How to apply

  • Mix coconut oil with cucumber oil.
  • Apply it on your skin and massage it gently.
  • Leave it for a night and wash it off in the morning.

4. Yogurt cucumber pack

This is especially for our readers with oily skin, as yogurt helps in absorbing the excess of oil.

How to apply

  • Add 2 small cucumbers to add blender and blend it into a smooth paste.
  • Add 3 spoons of yogurt to it.
  • Apply this on your oily skin, and wash it after 40 mins.
  • You might feel that your skin lacks nourishment, but avoid applying cream or a moisturizer, you can simply massage your skin with ice cubes.

5. Cucumber water

Cucumber water ensures proper digestion and helps in fighting the problem of bad breath

How to apply

  • Cut a cucumber into 2 halves and store it into an airtight water bottle
  • In the morning, drink the water(you can also apply that slice of cucumber on your face).


  • Put a slice of cucumber in your mouth every morning before you brush your teeth. It helps in fighting against bad breath.

6. Cucumber juice

It acts as an anti-bacterial oil, which contains sodium, phosphorous and silica. It enhances hair growth and also acts as a natural hair dye.

How to apply

  • Take 2 small cucumbers, strain out their juices
  • Apply the juice on your scalp and gently massage it.
  • Wash your hairs after 1 hour with a shampoo.
  • Skip using the conditioner, you can use it on the next day.

7. Coffee cucumber paste

Cucumber helps in removing cellulite on your thighs because it contains some phytochemicals. You can simply try this cucumber coffee paste for thighs  

How to apply

  • Make a thick paste of ground coffee, raw honey, and cucumber juice
  • Apply this paste gently on the infected area of your thighs
  • Try using this remedy twice or thrice a week.

There is saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But after knowing about these home remedies lets change this to “ a cucumber on a sunny day keeps all issues away”. So don’t forget to add cucumber to our meal.

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