‘One Traveller, One Tree’ is the most sustainable way forward for tourists

One travel one tree- your travel secretary

“We plant a tree, every time you travel.” – YourTravelSecretary

Yes, next time you’re going to that far off land for ‘That’ perfect vacay, remember that you can actually contribute to tree planting alongside! Sounds new and interesting all at once right?

This genius idea has been conceptualized by YourTravelSecretary as part of their sustainable tourism initiative. And Vaidyanath believes, the idea is a sure shot winner!

Long to explore exotic locations across continents? Think to travel is to live? We do too! However, does traveling mean becoming environmentally irresponsible? Can you be a passionate travel enthusiast and an ecologically conscious planet conservationist at the same time? Not really paradoxical, YourTravelSecretary helps us in traveling along with protecting the environment.

Ever thought how much of the planet’s negative carbon footprint do your long haul travels contribute to? Long-haul modes of transport are the number one reason for travel-generated carbon dioxide emissions in the air. And this, as we know, is a lethal dagger facing the inhabitants of Earth today.

Carbon footprints cause the planet’s global warming. The rising temperatures, melting of the glaciers and ice-caps, the ozone layer depletion and species dying out. It is beyond time to arrest the issue of global warming and for that, we need to act NOW! Many corporates who works with YourTravelSecretary have also started working for the cause.

YourTravelSecretary understands this and thus focuses on making tourism ‘planet friendly’ and sustainable. They give maximum significance to conserving and safeguarding the environment. Reducing pollution and making travel-related business eco-friendly.

For this, they have come up with an excellent afforestation plan. The YourTravelSecretary team is convinced that the quickest and most efficient way of negating the harmful carbon emissions is by planting more trees.

Thus the ‘one traveller, One tree’ program emerged whereby every time a customer books a long haul flight with YourTravelSecretary, one tree is planted by them on their behalf. This is their simple yet beautifully meaningful step towards doing our bit for the future generations.

Note: YourTravelSecretary does not only seed the trees. Each tree is specially cared for in association with local NGOs. Environment experts and personnel are in place for effectively managing the project. What’s more? The customer taking the long haul flight gets a YourTravelSecretary certificate of helping in planting a tree and curbing air pollution. 

YourTravelSecretary’s step towards sustainable tourism has been meticulously planned and structured. Their current afforestation initiative has been focused on locations across Haryana, MP and Delhi NCR. Their five-year goals include an imperative responsibility to increase forest cover.

In fact even as you’re reading this now, YourTravelSecretary is doing their bit to arrest the environmental issues arising from their business and tourism in general. They’re restoring the eco-system balance in one state as of now, however, their overall target is to create an impact across the globe.

So let’s realize too what these socially responsible souls at YourTravelSecretary have realized. It is now or never. All it takes is planting a tree. And we might actually be able to save our planet…that too, while traveling afar and joyous!

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