Best Family Health Insurance Policies in 2019

Family Health Insurance Policies

Almost everything is intentionally or unintentionally adulterated these days be it the air we breathe to the food we eat. As a result, the disease rate in India is rising amongst drastically not only to adults but in children as well, which lead to frequent visits to the doctor’s place. It only takes a few treatments to wipe-off an average person’s lifetime savings, with the rise in the cost of quality healthcare. Health insurance helps the policyholder cover their medical expenses and surgical costs. Also, in order to reduce a policyholder’s hassle, some insurance providers offer cashless treatment at their network-listed hospitals.

Keeping in mind the rising medical costs and a spurt of lifestyle diseases amongst Indians, health insurance is necessary for every individual. A medical emergency is something that impacts not only physically, emotionally but financially as well.  In fact, I will say that the physical impact of medical emergency can only be dealt with being financially secure. So, it is financially advised worldwide that it is prudent if you buy a health plan early in life.

What do health insurance plans include:

On the basis of requirements, one can customize his/her health insurance policy. It can be clubbed with add-ons as well. Individual health care policy, Family health plan, Senior citizen health plan, surgical plans, critical illness plans, cancer care plans, maternity policies, etc. are few of the various kinds of health insurance policies available in the market. A family floater plan is something that protects the policyholder and his/her family as well.

Features of a health insurance policy:

Here is a list of top features of a health insurance policy to benefit its holder: 

  • Cashless treatment
  • Pre and post hospitalization fee cover
  • Ambulance fees reimbursement
  • Routine medical check-ups expenses cover
  • In-patient hospital expenses
  • Charges for treatment due to a pre-existing illness
  • Charges for treatment availed at home

What a health insurance policy doesn’t cover:

Here is the list of the cases in which a health insurance policy does not cover:

  • No coverage for waiting period (Usually first 30 of policy commencements. For pre-existing diseases, the waiting period can be of 2-4 years).
  • Coverage of critical illnesses is subjected to a waiting period of 2-3 years
  • Injuries caused by war or terrorism or suicide attempts
  • Cosmetic surgeries.
  • Treatment by an under-qualified medic or doctors.

People often search for the best family health insurance policies, while looking for a health insurance policy. But if we talk about the actual sense there is nothing termed as ‘best insurance policy’. In fact, the search should be for a policy that meets one’s insurance needs. And in case of understanding insurance has become a difficult task for you, you must go for a third-party, professional opinion. This is why buying a policy online is much better than running from pillar to post.

Top family health insurance policies in 2019:

Keeping in mind the needs of an average Indian, I have penned down a list of top family health insurance policies of the year 2019:

  • Religare Care
  • Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family
  • Star Family Health Optima


  • Religare Care:

Incurred Claim Ratio (2016-17): 51 percent

  • Minimum entry age: Children- 3 months; adults- 18
  • Maximum entry age: N.A. (No max entry age), lifelong renewability
  • Minimum and the maximum sum assured: Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 60 lakhs
  • Maximum number of members covered: 6
  • Waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions: 4 years
  • Waiting period for policy-specified diseases: 2 years

With a lead to a 50 percent waiver of the premium which can go up to 150 percent in every no claim year. The room rent in case of hospitalization, pre-hospitalization expenses and post-hospitalization expenses in case of a surgery, ambulance expenses are covered by this policy. Also, it provides a daily cash benefit. The policy also offers an organ donor cover of Rs1 lakh-Rs 2 lakhs. There is no limit on ICU-stay charges. Additionally, this policy offers private room facility in case of hospitalization and one free medical check-up every year. Add-ons like Air ambulance cover, personal accident cover, etc.can also be added.

  • Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family:

Incurred Claim Ratio (2016-17): 55 percent

  • Minimum entry age: 5 years for children and 18 years for adults
  • Maximum entry age: 65 years, lifetime renewability
  • The minimum amount assured: Rs 3 lakh
  • The maximum amount assured: Rs 50 lakh
  • Maximum number of members covered: 6
  • Waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions: 3 years

Under this policy, the auto-reinstatement of the sum assured if the basic sum assured gets exhausted. However, this restoration can take place only once in a policy period. The basic sum assured will be increased by 50 percent, for every no-claim year. This policy also covers the complete expense in case of a life-threatening disease and comes with the feature of daily cash benefit as well.

  • Star Family Health Optima

Incurred Claim Ratio (2016-17): 61 percent

  • Minimum entry age: 16 days; Adults- 18
  • Maximum entry age: 65 years, lifelong renewability
  • Minimum and the maximum sum assured: Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh
  • Maximum number of members covered: 5
  • Waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions: 4 years
  • Waiting period for policy-specified diseases: 2 years

This policy covers expenses of ambulance expenses, hospital charges, in-house treatments, etc.  Also, the assured sum will be automatically restored in case it is exhausted. Under one policy period, three auto restorations can be availed.  Additionally, the payouts are quicker, as this insurance provider has tie-ups with more than 6000 hospital networks. It has an option of maintaining records online as well. Pre and post hospitalization expenses, ambulance expenses, daycare or in-house treatment expenses are covered by this plan. Every non-claimable year will accumulate a 5 percent premium discount.


To shield one’s savings in case of a health emergency and let recuperate in peace, healthcare policy is a must to have for one and his/her family as well. And we suggest you read out, survey more and more sources to find the best health insurance policy in India that suits you and your family, you must compare different policies according to your family’s needs.

by Naval Goel (CEO & Founder of


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