Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

benefits of coconut oil

There are tremendous benefits of coconut oil. It is a kind of fat which is touted for a multiple of properties that promotes health and growth. Coconut oil is produced by extracting oil either from dried coconuts kernels or raw coconuts. It is solid in room temperature and gets softer and melted when it is heated. Apart from cooking, coconut oil is known for its wide number of benefits and uses. This oil is a rich source of medium chain fatty acids that is a kind of saturated fat. Moreover, almost 70 percent of its composition is made up of medium chain fatty acids. Additionally, it offers several health benefits and extremely versatile oil with plenty of uses.

Amount of fatty acid found in coconut oil

Lauric Acid

49 percent

Myristic Acid

18 percent

Caprylic Acid

8 percent

Palmitic Acid

8 percent

Capric Acid

7 percent

Oleic Acid

6 percent

Linoleic Acid

2 percent

Stearic Acid

2 percent


Benefits of Coconut Oil

#1 Coconut Oil for Skin – Protects Your Skin against UV Rays

When you apply coconut oil to your skin, it protects it from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Such rays cause dark spots and pigmentation and increase the risk of skin cancer.

#2 Coconut Oil for Weight Loss- Coconut oil Increases your Metabolism

Coconut oil is a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT).  Fatty acids get absorbed quickly in your skin and increase the number of calories that you have burned.

#3 Coconut Oil for Teeth – It improves oral and dental health

Coconut oil is considered as a powerful weapon which fights against bacteria and germs such as Streptococcus mutans. This bacteria cause several gum disease in your mouth along with dental plaque and tooth decay.

#4 Coconut Oil as Insect Repellent

Add one tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil. Apply it on your hand and feet to repel mosquitoes, bees, flies, and gnats. Whenever you step out from home during the rainy season, or in the garden or park area, do remember to apply it on your skin.

#5 Coconut Oil for Skin – Moisturize your skin

Coconut oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer. It is non-greasy I nature and its absorb quickly. Although it is solid at room temperature, as soon as it comes into contact with hands, it melts like butter! The most effective time for using coconut oil is at night. Before going to bed, wash your face gently and pat dry. Take a little quantity of coconut oil in your palms and rub it in a circular motion on your face. Let it settle for 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Next morning, you will find your skin moisturize.

#6 Coconut Oil For Mouth – Use it as a Natural Mouthwash

Mix equal quantities of baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl. Add some drops of peppermint oil. And here is your mouthwash ready! Use it regularly at two times. This will make your teeth whiten and brighten. It also helps in improving dental and gum health and freshen your breath. Not only this, it will also fight against such bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities.

#7 Benefits of Rubbing Coconut Oil on Feet – Coconut Oil Soothes Cracked Heal

Tired of cracked heals! Now it’s over… coconut oil provides quick relief from dry and cracked heals naturally. Dab some oil on your palm and rub it gently on your foot and heals. It will allow your foot and heal to penetrate and make it smooth, shiny and flawless. Alternatively, you can also add some coconut oil with a few drops of any essential oils of your choice. It will help in reducing dryness and infection-causing bacteria. It gives a nice and relaxing scent to your feet. Moreover, coconut oil is used for feet whitening as a bonus!

#8 Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks – Stretch Marks Reducer

Gently rub some coconut oil all over your stomach during and after pregnancy. This will help in reducing stretch marks which have occurred with skin elasticity. It also fades all dark marks and scars, redness and discoloration of the skin. Moreover, it hydrates the skin and makes it heal more quickly.

#9 Coconut Oil For Hair – Protect Hairs Against Damage

Coconut oil is highly effective for the health and growth of your hairs. According to a study, coconut oil is a mine of all essential minerals, vitamins, and elements that are required for strong, shiny and lengthy hairs. Apply it on your hairs after shampoo will help in reducing protein loss from your hair. It also protects it against damage and loss and makes it healthy and dense.

#10 Coconut Oil For Lips – Works as a Lip Balm

Coconut oil is ideal for making natural lip balm. It soothes the chapped and cracked lips. Apply it evenly on your lips and it will make them moist for hours. It makes them smooth and protects from the sun as well. Add two tablespoons of beeswax with two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of shea butter. Pour them all in a non-stick saucepan and make the flame slow so that it melts warmly. Now take a small funnel for refilling this mixture. Allow it to set up for 10 hours and freely use this lip balm.

#11 Coconut Oil For Body – Healing Bath

Add one-fourth cup of Epsom salts with one-fourth cup of coconut oil to the lukewarm water for having a bath. Optionally, add a few drops of essential oil of your favorite aroma. This will add aromatherapy to your health and draws out all toxins and make your skin smooth and hydrate.

#12 Coconut Oil for Feet- Heal Wounds and Injuries Quickly

Coconut oil has been used for several years for speeding up the healing of wounds, injuries, burns, and rashes. It is easy to make wound salve with coconut oil. Mix some drops of lavender oil, frankincense oil, melaleuca oil and tea tree oil with coconut oil. Apply it on the affected area. Coconut oil is known for its high antibacterial and antifungal properties. This will make the wound free from infection and heal the injury quickly.

#13 Coconut Oil For Body – Acts as a Natural Deodorant

Although sweat has no smell, the bacteria that are living on our skin produce smelly odors. Coconut oil famous for its antibacterial properties. If it is applied regularly, it will work as a natural deodorant with no chemicals. Mix it with baking soda and essential oils of your choice and your deodorant is ready to use!

#14 Coconut Oil for Feet – Also an Antifungal Cream

Coconut oil is widely known for its antibiotic capabilities, due to which it is also used by athletes for treating their skin and foot fungus. Take some coconut oil and apply it thoroughly on the affected areas. Either let it settle or if you want you can wipe it off after 5 to 10 minutes with a soft cloth or a paper towel, once it gets absorbed.

#15 Coconut Oil benefits for Skin – Reduce Wrinkles

Every woman hates aging! Aging is an inevitable part of life and it is beyond our control… But to take correct and effective steps to prevent it is in our hand. Coconut oil is the most effective thing to use as anti-aging and anti wrinkles. Dab a little amount of coconut oil around and under your eyes. It will surely help you out to fight against premature aging and removes dark circles too. Take some oil and dab it on your face, especially near and around your eyes and leave it overnight and get it absorbed. Next morning you will wake up with a refreshing look. Moreover, if you want you can combine coconut oil with frankincense oil for best and faster benefits.

#16 Coconut Oil for Face Moisturizer- Act as a natural makeup remover

Makeup remover… Yeah! You hear it right. The best property of coconut oil is that it works as a natural makeup remover. Even a small dab of it can instantly liquefy eye, lips and face makeup. It also makes easy you to wipe it off. Take some coconut oil in your palms and rub it calmly onto your lower as well as upper eyelids, lips, and cheeks in a circular motion. Then wipe it off with a dry, warm and soft cloth. The best thing about coconut oil is that it does not sting, inflame or cause irritation on your face or eyes. Additionally, it helps in keeping your skin hydrated, as a bonus!

#17 A gentle face wash too

Coconut oil is also used as a natural face wash. Add it with tea tree oil, lavender oil or raw honey for best and effective results.

#18 Best sunscreen

Coconut oil comes with all in one property for flawless skin. It acts as a natural sunscreen. It contains SPF 4 which is sufficient enough to protect the skin against sunburn and sun damage. Not only this, but it is also considered one of the best non-volatile herbal oils. Do remember to use it, especially during the summer months. If you get too much in contact with the sun, do not forget to apply it gently on your skin before stepping out from home. Moreover, coconut oil also soothes the pain and promotes healing.

#19 Works as a massage oil

Undoubtedly, coconut oil is the best conditioning and soothing oil for massage. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil and lavender oil with it and apply it on your skin. This will definitely help in stimulating mindful relaxation and makes you feel refresh. Not only this, but it also heals sore muscles and turns your skin flawless.

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