The Vaidyanath, the owner of the website, considers our user’s privacy very seriously. Therefore, we ask our users to read the website’s privacy policy before using the site.

Vaidyanath collects website user’s non-personal information such as the type of the browser, preferable language, date and time of user’s visit on the website. Vaidyanath’s motive to capture user’s non-personal information is just to understand how users use the website. By using this non-personal information, Vaidyanath analyzes the trends of browsing the site by its users.

Personal information

Vaidyanath does not need personal information from the users before using the site. However, when users use site’s specific functionalities such as comment, subscribe for email updates or directly contact us then the below information is needed:

– contact information such as name, middle name, surname, phone number, email id, postal address, country, and gender.

– Information provided in comments or posts in community group discussions.

– The information you provide directly to us.

Tracks on a website:

Vaidyanath uses Google Analytics to capture tracking to identify the activities performing by site’s users to analyze issues on site’s server, to analyze trends and to improve site’s services. When a user visits the site, some information automatically recorded in Google Analytics such as:

– Internet Protocol (IP) address of user’s computer, mobile or other devices.

– User’s geographical location and date and time of the visits on the site.

– User’s browser type and Operating system type.

– Web page and type of ads while using the website.

– Activities while browsing community groups.

– Information captured by HTML cookies or similar technologies.

Information from other sources:

We may also access information from social media websites such as (Facebook or Twitter), databases, online marketing firms and targeting firms.

Use of collected information:

Vaidyanath does not sell, rent or share our user’s personal information to any other third parties. The personal information collected from you may be used for:

-Email communication:

Vaidyanath may use your email address to revert to your personal messages, promotional messages, editorial updates, information about your account, or update made to the website.


Advertising partners display various types of ads on the website and we use the information about your interests which is captured in browser cookies. By using the data provided by the cookies ads server displays the ads on the website while you use the site.

Analytical data:

We may use the data we collect to analyze the website’s performance and its functionality, how it is being used when it is being used, where it is being used and by whom it is being used.

Legal enforcement:

The information site collects may be used to prevent any illegal activities to protect our rights and our users’ rights.

Third parties and ads:

On Vaidyanath’s website, you may find links, advertisements or other content that belongs to third party’s websites. Vaidyanath does not control the content and links publish and is not responsible for the other sites activities. Those sites have their own privacy policy. If users use their site and interact with their services or product is purely subject to their own privacy policy.

Advertisements visible on the site may be delivered by advertising partners who may have set cookies in their browser. Our privacy policy does not control the use of cookies by third party’s advertisements. Though, the user can enable or disable cookie settings in their browser to control the use of information available in their browser cookies.


We always try to provide you with the original, high-quality content and we put our best to achieve this goal for our posts. Vaidyanath does not allow using any information from our websites without making notable changes. If you use our article as a source then please do not forget to mention the original source on your website.


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